If not then why is he allowing representatives from Ebola-infested countries of Africa into the U.S. for a summit of African leaders?

He is purposely entertaining the possibility that these people and their entourages will bring this disease into the U.S. further straining our health system and creating panic amongst our citizenry that will have HUGE economic impacts.

And, of course, that will be exactly what Cloward-Piven advocates: strain the social system so much that people feel they have no recourse but to demand the government “help” them….which means nothing more than we give up our freedoms and securities.

Of course, Obongo and his Regime sycophants at the CDC are trying to tell us there is little danger.

But if that’s the case then why are Obongo Regime officials on HIGH ALERT?!?!?!?!

If there truly is little danger then Obongo should show his confidence in that statement and lead from the front: by shaking the hands of and hugging every single mother-fucking asshole that comes here from Africa. Aides, attendants, food preparers…..every one of those infested cork-snockers.

Go to the link to read if you must but I believe I capture the gist of it and the comments.

Although I like one where they advocate Obongo lick all the door handles touched by these assclowns.

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