Did you know being a cynic linked to triple the risk of developing dementia?

I’m totally hosed!

Cynics are three times more likely to develop dementia than those who have faith in humanity, a study has shown.

Believing that others are motivated by selfishness, or that they lie to get what they want, appears to radically increase the risk of cognitive decline in later life.

It could mean that grumpy old men and women should be screened more closely for diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Cynicism has previously been linked to health problems such as heart disease, but this is the first time it has been associated with dementia.

“These results add to the evidence that people’s view on life and personality may have an impact on their health,” said Dr. Anna-Maija Tolppanen, the lead researcher at the University of Eastern Finland, whose study is published online in the journal Neurology.

Academics asked nearly 1,500 people with an average age of 71 to fill out a questionnaire to measure their levels of cynicism.

They were asked how much they agreed with statements such as “I think most people would lie to get ahead”, “it is safer to trust nobody” and “most people will use somewhat unfair reasons to gain profit or an advantage rather than lose it.”

Those taking part were monitored for eight years, during which time 46 of them were diagnosed with dementia. The academics discovered that those who had scored highly for cynicism were three times more likely to have developed dementia than those with low scores.

Researchers adjusted the results for other factors that could affect the risk of dementia, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and smoking.

Of the 164 people with high levels of cynicism, 14 people developed dementia, compared with nine of the 212 people with low levels of cynicism.

One in three people over 65 will develop a form of dementia. Of the 800,000 people in the U.K. who have the condition, more than half have Alzheimer’s disease. It is estimated that 1.7 million Britons will suffer from dementia by 2051.

Responding to the study findings, charities cautioned that the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia could make people more cynical about life.

Dr. Doug Brown, of the Alzheimer’s Society, said: “While this research attempts to make a link between higher levels of cynical distrust and risk of dementia, there were far too few people in this study that actually developed dementia to be able to draw any firm conclusions.

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6 Responses to WELL! THAT’S IT! I’M SCREWED!

  1. Leonard Jones says:

    It is hard to have faith in humanity when the government has been taken
    over by communist radicals. You cannot blame this on cynicism. We are
    all well and truly fucked!

    Just saw a video on YouTube of some asshole in a Lamborghini racing in a
    residential neighborhood. Old dude with brick smashes a window. Back when
    I was a kid, my mother constantly confronted some Mexican hot-rodder who
    was putting her children at risk. In nearly came to blows. He got the message!

    The young dickheads on YouTube see nothing wrong with the drivers actions.
    This is how far we have fallen as a nation. In the 40’s, the neighbors would
    have lynched the little bastard. In 1961, My mother was the only one challenging
    him. In the 21st century, no big deal!

  2. opaquelypellucid says:

    How about us cynical skeptics or our brothers and sisters, skeptical cynics? I guess that means that … mean what? What the hell are we talking about? Maybe I’m losing it but what is it? Ah crap, it’s after 6. Time for a shot of medicine or maybe two in case I don’t remember taking the first one. 🙂

  3. Dan says:

    Not nearly a large enough or diverse enough sample group for a meaningful conclusion to be reached. More faux science.

  4. Steamboat McGoo says:

    Yeah, sure. Like I believe this.

    ..um, what were we talking about?…

  5. Leonard Jones says:

    And now to all the soon to be glass empty types, consider this: If the next president
    is to the right of Rush Limbaugh, there are only two ways he can effect change.
    One involves a house majority and super majority in the senate. (Not likely, but
    still a scary prospect with the current GOP) The other involves the conservative
    president using the same dictatorial methods as Obonzo. If it is wrong for Ogabe
    to rule by decree, it is twice as wrong for a Republican to use the same methods.

    In short, Obongo has set so many precedents, the next president will continue
    to use them.

    This is the slippery slope. Expanded executive authority will never be throttled
    back or rescinded. This is enough to make anyone a pessimist.

  6. opaquelypellucid says:

    Thanks LJ, now I’m really depressed about something, I think… Ah crap, it’s after 6. Time for a shot of medicine or maybe two in case I don’t remember taking the first one.

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