A convicted killer in Oklahoma had a bit of trouble dying last night. Turns out his cocktail didn’t work too well. He came back…then died of a heart attack.

To me that means the cocktail worked.

However, the bleeding heart liberals have their panties in a bunch about how this is cruel and inhumane. Maybe these whiners ought to have their families slaughtered by scum like this guy. It wouldn’t hurt…and might change their minds.

And as far as all this “cocktail” bullshit is concerned, why not just inject these fuckers with a lethal dose of morphine? Keep pumping until they croak. They’ll feel no pain.

So far as I am concerned, all this “cocktail” nonsense is just another “make work” project to keep lots of people employed inventing tubes, vials, needles, delivery systems, different drugs, etc.

Morphine….or heroine. Until dead. Keep pumping. It’s cheap. You can find it on street corners.

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2 Responses to LIKE I GIVE A SHIT

  1. opaquelypellucid says:

    “To me that means the cocktail worked.”
    Considering his crime, he got off way to easy.

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    I can sum my feelings up with the following link:

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