The story is about three people arrested in Saudi Arabia for posting YouTube videos.

But it’s much deeper than that.

As far as I am concerned these fuckers deserve to be arrested.

It’s a well known fact that many Saudis think it is beneath them to actually do any physical labor. When I was stationed at Riyadh you would see no Saudi sweeping streets, taking out garbage, doing construction, etc. They all wanted “elitist” jobs: managers, supervisors, doctors, accountants, etc. The menial labor was for Filipinos or other immigrants.

So check out what these whiny fuckers are demanding…..without having to work for it.

I guess “social justice” is now a big hit in the Kingdom of perverts and worshippers of pedophile prophets.

I wonder why our democrats aren’t protesting in solidarity with them?

In one video seen by AFP, a young man identifying himself as Abdulaziz Mohammed al-Dosari addressed King Abdullah saying he has to survive on a low income, and does not own a house or a car.

“We are fed up, and you still blame those who carry out bombings,” the man says, urging the king to give Saudis money to improve their lives.

“Give us our money… we do not want to beg… You and your children are playing with this money,” he said about Saudi’s oil wealth in the 30-second video during which he held up his identification card.

In another video, a man identifying himself as Abdullah bin Othman charged that “corruption is widespread” in Saudi Arabia while “people are hungry and oppressed.”

Othman urged other Saudis to go online and post their comments “so that our voices could reach the king”.

In a third video, a man calling himself Saud al-Harbi said many of his compatriots are in need of “housing” and a “decent life”.

“Please listen to us. We want housing, we want a decent life,” he said, apparently addressing Saudi authorities.

And he added: “Do not force people to take to the streets.”

Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy where protests are banned.

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  1. bobf says:

    Notice…..GIVE US….GIVE US….GIVE US.

  2. antzinpantz says:

    Just like good little socialists…….

    Remember how there was never any Saudi staff in any restaurants or hotels we went to? Unless they were the managers?

  3. Macker says:

    I think it’d be pretty damn funny if, miraculously, the Sowdies throw off the yoke which is Islam…
    only to be replaced by Communism!

  4. bobf says:

    The only Saudi I ever saw doing any thing close to manual labor was the one who cleaned up around the pool and that was only when our females were out in their bathing suits.

  5. Call me Infidel says:

    With the US increasing its oil output and Iraq now producing higher volumes, the oil price is likely to fall and that is bad news for the Saudi scum as they need high prices to keep bribing the people. The sooner that regime goes under the better.

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