You’ll probably not hear it anywhere else but here and maybe my tinfoil hat is on a bit too tightly but check out this story about how the Pentagon waived some rules to allow Chinese made parts be used on the F-35 aircraft.

That is a SERIOUS offense. Our laws PROHIBIT it. So how did it happen? And how is Obama linked to all this?

The way I see it, the Pentagon was given a “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” approval from the Justice Department because Generals, no matter how many stars, can not circumvent our laws like this. It had to come from higher up.

Now they’ve been caught and serious threats to the viability of the program exists because of it.

Obongo will press for investigations through the Justice Department under the guise of protecting our military knowing full well the program will be threatened and our ability to remain militarily secure is kiboshed.

Knowing the Obongo Regime and what it is capable of using feints, distortions, mis-directions and outright lies, this is all very plausible.

The Government Accountability Office, the investigative arm of Congress, is examining three such cases involving the F-35, the U.S. military’s next generation fighter, the documents show.

The GAO report, due March 1, was ordered by U.S. lawmakers, who say they are concerned that Americans firms are being shut out of the specialty metals market, and that a U.S. weapon system may become dependent on parts made by a potential future adversary.

The waivers apply to inexpensive parts, including $2 magnets, installed on 115 F-35 test, training and production aircraft, the last of which are due to be delivered in May 2014. Lawmakers noted that several U.S. companies make similar magnets.

Kendall said the waivers were needed to keep production, testing and training of the Pentagon’s newest warplane on track; avert millions of dollars in retrofit costs; and prevent delays in the Marine Corps’ plan to start using the jets in combat from mid-2015, according to the documents. In one case, it would cost $10.8 million and take about 25,000 man-hours to remove the Chinese-made magnets and replace them with American ones, the documents indicate.

Lockheed is developing the F-35, the Pentagon’s costliest arms program, for the United States and eight countries that helped fund its development: Britain, Canada, Australia, Italy, Norway, Turkey, Denmark and the Netherlands. Israel and Japan have also placed orders for the jet.

The program is already years behind schedule and 70 percent over initial cost estimates. At the time Kendall was granting the waivers, officials were acutely worried that further delays and cost increases would erode the foreign orders needed to drive down the future cost of each warplane.

In the documents, Kendall underscored the importance of the F-35 program to ensure continued U.S. military superiority and counter potential emerging threats from nations developing their own stealth fighter jets, including Russia and China.

He said additional delays would force the United States and its allies to keep its legacy fighters flying longer, which would result in higher maintenance costs. It would also leave them with older jets, which Kendall said “cannot match the offensive and defensive capabilities provided by F-35.”

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