A woman who made child porn WITH HER OWN CHILDREN and got 54 years in the slammer.

Yes, Florida. Again.

Of course, since it came out in the Huff-Po the writers just HAD to mention the father was a marine who served in Afghanistan (I’d not sure I see the tie in but given the commie-pinko-fag nature of liberals in journalism I am not surprised they tried to taint the Marines by association.)

child-porn mom

An Oviedo, Fla., woman has been sentenced to 54 years in prison for making child pornography with her husband and two children.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, prosecutors claimed Sarah Adleta and her husband, Jonathan Adleta, “made having sex with their two children a part of their parenting plan,” and continued the abuse even after they divorced.

The mother of two also confessed to performing sex acts on her 4-year-old girl on camera while another man, Aaron Dixon, watched via Skype from North Carolina, according to the FBI.

Sarah Adleta pleaded guilty to two child-sex related charges in May and was a witness against her ex-husband in his trial, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

She testified that Jonathan Adleta, a former Marine who had served in Afghanistan, made “daddy-daughter sex” a condition of their getting married. According to the New York Daily News, Adleta told jurors that she was willing to do anything to stay with him.

Although Adleta expressed remorse and claimed she’d been manipulated by her husband, her father, Leonard Lippy, made an emotional plea in front of a judge to give his daughter the maximum sentence possible.

“Sarah, justice is needed,” Lippy said, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

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