An Attempt to Fight Back

We could use a few more local or state governments pushing back the feds on the Gestapo like tactics they’ve instructed the NPS to use. Ovomit is making life miserable for so many people on so many levels, it’s tough to keep up.

Utah is ripe with federal land, parks, and monuments. In San Juan County alone, there are a number of federal installations that come to mind. Hovenweep National Monument, Natural Bridges National Monument, and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (home of Lake Powell.)

I’m waiting to see what happens today when the San Juan County Sheriff’s Department attempts to remove the barricades to those areas and open these places to the public. It should prove interesting since there really isn’t all that much law enforcement in this area. It’s too desolate. All these agencies help one another frequently, so there are sure to be personal friends facing one another on either side of the barricades. Hopefully nobody gets hurt.

San Juan County Leaders Plan to Remove Barricades and Re-Open Lake Powell

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    That’s awesome news!!!

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