Monstrously high hulls?

Acting as sails?!?!?!?!?!


Wind power and wind-resistant technology aren’t the first things you would think of when designing a cargo ship. But a Norwegian firm has unveiled one with a hull so big it acts as an aeronautical sail.

Designed by Lade AS, The Vindskip has a hull that’s like a massive airfoil. Its design allows it to be powered by the wind, creating a force similar to lift to carry it through the sea.

The Vindskip’s aeronautical qualities allow a 60 per cent decrease in fuel usage and a whopping 80 per cent decrease in harmful emissions. Lade says it could eventually be used on cruise ships and plans to license the design in the future.

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  1. Leonard Jones says:

    I am sure the fuel efficiency claims are about as truthful as the ones for hybrid cars. Huge
    surface area above water line means huge surface area below waterline if you expect the
    wind to push this turd!

    You need more than a large keel to make this top heavy POS work, you also need a lot of hull
    under the water line. My guess is the idiot who came up with this is a student of the Al Gore
    school of maritime engineering.

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