He Was Given Everything and He Failed

Stay with it till the end.


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  1. antzinpantz says:


  2. dekare says:

    He must be racist!!!

    Am I the only one to notice that the criticism against obama MUST come from other blacks now. Black politicians, black newscasters, black commentators, etc. NOT ONE SINGLE WHITE PERSON can say a damn thing bad about obama. So we have to get like minded people of color give our arguments and opinions for us. How sad has this country become that the majority is no longer allowed to comment or criticize? All part of the plan to shut us up and marginalize our beliefs.

    How long before we have a drug-addict, transgendered, lesbian, half-Cherokee, half-Liechtensteinese, left-handed, downs-born, one-eyed, person with tinnitus as president, and only those with those exact same qualities can criticise them, and all others called racist or labelled as having some phobia against those not like them?

    I am at the point I no longer want another non-white, non-male president as I want to be able to criticise him all damn day long without fear of being labelled. Maybe I just don’t like the ideas our president has, but I am blamed and attacked as a racist. So I better damn well sit down and shut up, before they charge me with a hate crime.

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