Great story about this kid who built a one man submarine tested to 30 feet.

Wait until you read all the other stuff he’s done.

Of course, the story is full of union asshats praising the NJ education system when it had virtually nothing to do with this kid’s skills. They get clobbered by other commenters, too.

one man sub

At age 12, he built the “Cleaning Car,” a remote-control vehicle that could mop and vacuum the floor.

When his sixth-grade science teacher mused about how nice it would be to have a device that got people to hush or clap on cue, he arrived at school the next day with a homemade quiet/applause sign with lights.

Two years later, he created “Head Entertainment,” a helmet gizmo that allowed users to watch close-up videos without ever having to crane their necks.

Over the years, Justin Beckerman, now a junior at West Morris Mendham High School, has designed a miniature boat with lights, a remote-control car with airsoft gun and an “Amusement Ride,” a beach chair dangling from wires.

This time, the teenage Thomas Edison has outdone himself, building a one-man submarine he floats under Lake Hopatcong.

Co-existing with Jet Skis and fishing boats in the picturesque West Jersey lake is Justin’s latest invention — complete with lights, paddles, ballasts, air compressors, 2,000 feet of wire and a Plexiglas dome top that looks like the head of Star Wars robot R2-D2.

Justin, who turned 18 last weekend, spent a month designing and five months building his 9-foot-long submarine, into which he can fit.

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  1. Tom Regnier says:

    The kind of genius kid that will invent something(s) one day that will benefit all people. I just hope govts and their restrictions don’t get in his way.

  2. dekare says:

    The comments are quite telling about the state of the average NewJerseyite. They are IDIOTS. We got the one jerk saying that it must have been his great school and a special school teacher as the reason he was able to do this. Well, I bet this was done in SPITE of his piss poor education in the grate (sic) state of NJ (which I am from as well).

    Then there is the azzhole who says he sees no registration numbers and therefore, this kid is doing something illegal, and how he should be submitted to state testing reqt’s and blah blah blah. OMG….FO jerk.

    I looked at the old photos of the Wright bros. building their plane and I see no registration numbers there either. I bet there are no UL ratings on the first Edison bulb as well. How screwed up have people come now where those who show initiative and smarts did NOT build that themselves, and unless the govt gets involved with testing and registration, then surely it must be bad. These jerks have forgotten or never had, the spirit that made ALL Americans special.

  3. BobF says:

    If it was the NJ school system, the kid would be a juvenile delinquent on drugs.

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