If for nothing else to challenge these arrogant pricks at Starbucks who want to ban smoking within 25 feet of their stores.

Not sure how they can pull that off given that sidewalks are PUBLIC WALKWAYS.

I hope someone challenges this soon.

For some people, smoking and coffee go hand in hand. But if you’re a Starbucks lover, you will have to light up somewhere else.

The new policy for the Seattle-based coffee company will require smokers to stand at least 25 feet away from the business when lighting up. The business already bans smoking indoors.

Not everyone feels this new policy makes sense.

Danny Jordan, who has smoked since he was 18, asks if you can’t smoke outside, where should you smoke?

“I don’t blow smoke on people or try to get them polluted. I don’t push their rights, so, leave mine alone. Let me have this,” he said.

At Avoca coffee shop in Fort Worth, a popular spot for smokers and non-smokers, the owner does not see a need for a similar policy.

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  1. dekare says:

    Unless there is a city or municipal code or a state law, there ain’t dick they can do to anyone. I don’t smoke, but I wish I could go there an light up the rankest cigar I could buy outside their store and puff away and see what they do. Fuck them….I remember a catch phrase that used to be popular many years ago. We need to start it back up. Most should remember is…
    “hey, it’s a free country…ain’t it.”. Well, it used to be…when did it stop?

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