Funny how you never hear a peep from the asswipes at the NAACP, the CBC, Jesse Jackass and Tawan Sharpton whenever a muslim beats blacks.

But let one American say, “NIGGARDLY” and we’re racists to those stupid phucks who never graduated high school.

We ought to do this to illegals here in this country. Find them, beat them, deport them.

A video filmed in Saudi Arabia has thrown the authorities’ treatment of migrant workers back into the spotlight. The footage shows an official in the coastal city of Jeddah chasing Africans out of a passport office and beating one of them with a belt, shouting: “Out!”

The video was filmed on Sunday May 26 by a man who had accompanied his domestic worker to the passport office. The situation for migrant workers in Saudi Arabia is increasingly precarious: many are facing expulsion as the country tries to curb unemployment, which stood at 12% at the end of 2012.

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