My father suffered from it.

Soon an implant will help them walk.

A cutting-edge treatment which can significantly restore movement to sufferers of Parkinson’s disease has been hailed as ‘beyond the wildest dreams’ of its researchers.

Patients previously left housebound are now walking freely after receiving electrical stimulation to their spines.

An implant has been developed to boost the signals sent from the brain to the limbs and vice versa. This enables the patient to walk normally, it is claimed.

A quarter of Parkinson’s disease patients have difficulty walking as the affliction begins to take its toll. Some start to freeze on the spot and even fall over.

But the pioneering Canadian researchers behind the technique said the quality-of-life improvement to patients is immeasurable.

Professor Mandar Jog, of Western University in London, Ontario, said the results were ‘beyond his wildest dreams’. Speaking to the BBC, he said: ‘Most of our patients have had the disease for 15 years and have not walked with any confidence for several years.’

He added: ‘For them to go from being home-bound, with the risk of falling, to being able to go on trips to the mall and have vacations is remarkable for me to see.’

Gail Jardine, 66, said her quality of life has improved since having the implant fitted two months ago. Mrs Jardine previously kept freezing on the spot, as well as falling two or three times a day. The subsequent loss of confidence prevented her from taking countryside walks in Kitchener, Ontario, with her husband, Stan.

But now she can walk freely for the first time in more than two years. She said: ‘I can walk a lot better. I haven’t fallen since I started the treatment.

‘It’s given me more confidence and I’m looking forward to taking more walks with Stan and maybe even go on my own.’ Walking requires the brain and legs to send signals in a loop. First the brain tells to the legs to move. It then receives signals when a step has been taken and, in turn, sends instructions for the next step.

And Professor Jog now believes Parkinson’s disease restricts signals coming back to the brain – as opposed to coming from the brain – which causes the loop to break and patients to freeze.

He believes the burst of electricity from the implant reawakens the feedback mechanism from legs to brain – which is diminished by the disease. He said: ‘This is a completely different rehabilitation therapy. We had thought that the movement problems occurred in Parkinson’s patients because signals from the brain to the legs were not getting through.

‘But it seems that it’s the signals getting back to the brain that are degraded.’

Dr Beckie Port, of charity Parkinson’s UK, said: ‘Should future studies show the same promise, it has the potential to dramatically improve quality of life, giving people with Parkinson’s the freedom to enjoy everyday activities.’

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…..while banning schools from suspending the little shits:

The California State Senate voted to ban schools and principals from suspending students for “willful defiance” of teachers, staff, and administrators.

The Senate approved SB 419 Monday by a vote of 30-8. It moves to the Assembly next.

A similar bill was vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown last legislative session.

Under the new version (Senate Bill 419), students in grades 4-8 wouldn’t be suspended for disrupting school activities or willfully defying school authorities, including teachers and staff. The bill would also ban schools from suspending students in grades 9-12 for the same thing until January 1, 2025. The law would apply to both public and charter schools.

Existing law already prohibits schools from suspending children in grades K-3 for disrupting or willful defiance. Existing law also prevents schools from recommending the expulsion of students in all grades for disrupting or willful defiance.

Students could still be suspended or expelled for other acts, including threatening violence, bringing a weapon or drugs to school, or damaging school property. Teachers could also still be allowed to “suspend pupils from class for the day and the following day who disrupt school activities or otherwise willfully defied valid
authority of supervisors, teachers, administrators, school officials, or other school personnel engaged in the performance of their duties.”

As part of the new bill, superintendents or principals would be asked to provide alternatives to suspension or expulsion that are “age appropriate and designed to address and correct the pupil’s specific misbehavior.”

Research has shown the category of willful defiance was disproportionately used to discipline minority students, specifically African-Americans. Assembly Bill 420 was signed into law by Governor Brown in 2014, eliminating the expulsion option for schools. It took effect on January 1, 2015.

In the 2015-16 school year, 96,421 students suspended for willful defiance – a decrease of nearly 30,000 from 2014-15 school year. Willful defiance suspensions accounted for 24% of total suspensions statewide that school year. Willful defiance suspensions made up 20% of all suspensions in the 2016-17 school year, and 14% in the 2017-18 school year.

African-American students made up 5.6% of enrollment in California schools in 2017-18, but accounted for 15.6% of willful defiance suspensions. Conversely, white students made up 23.2% of statewide enrollment but made up only 20.2% of willful defiance suspensions.

The bill’s author, Senator Nancy Skinner (D-9th District), previously talked about the need for the bill, saying: “Under this highly subjective category, students are sent to an empty home, with no supervision, and denied valuable instructional time for anything from failing to turn in homework, not paying attention, or refusing to follow directions, taking off a coat or hat, or swearing in class.”

In Governor Brown’s veto message last year, he wrote in part:

“Teachers and principals are on the front lines educating our children and are in the best position to make decisions about order and discipline in the classroom. That’s why I vetoed a similar bill in 2012. In addition, I just approved $15 million in the 2018 Budget Act to help local schools improve their disciplinary practices. Let’s give educators a chance to invest that money wisely before issuing any further directives from the state.”

Pilot programs have been conducted in Orange County and Butte County and would provide the framework for the new statewide system. Several school districts, in San Francisco Unified, Los Angeles Unified, and Oakland Unified have already banned school from issuing willful defiance suspensions and expulsions

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Read on:

Cher caused a bit of a stir with a recent tweet, but a study out of Kaiser Health shows she may be on to something.

While the illegal immigrant population of Los Angeles is poised to scoop up $260 million a year from the government in health benefits, members of the city’s homeless population are dying in record numbers.

I Understand Helping struggling Immigrants,but MY CITY (Los Angeles) ISNT TAKING CARE OF ITS OWN.WHAT ABOUT THE 50,000+🇺🇸Citizens WHO LIVE ON THE STREETS.PPL WHO LIVE BELOW POVERTY LINE,& HUNGRY? If My State Can’t Take Care of Its Own(Many Are VETS)How Can it Take Care Of More

Deaths in the homeless population jumped 76 percent in the past five years, according to a new analysis of coroner’s data by Kaiser Health News. The surge in deaths is outpacing the growth of the homeless population — more than 900 died last year.

The data backs up Cher’s recent tweet (which she got considerable flak for) contrasting the plight of LA’s homeless population with the position of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants living in the city who enjoy legal sanctuary, benefits such as in-state tuition and access to driver’s licenses, and state-funded healthcare for their children.

Los Angeles is home to 925,000 illegal immigrants, close to half of the illegal population in California and nearly a tenth of the total illegal population of the U.S., according to the latest estimates from the Pew Research Center. In addition to already generous benefits, they stand to benefit from Democratic efforts to give all illegal immigrants living in the state access to government-funded healthcare, a plan that is expected to cost California at least $260 million a year.

The struggling homeless population, by contrast, is just more than 50,000. Most of their deaths are attributed to accidents often linked to the perils of living on the streets, including drug overdoses and traffic collisions. About a third who died in the past four years died in the hospital, but the rest died outside on the streets.

Kaiser Health News quotes a California sociology professor who says the surge in deaths could be prevented: “‘This shouldn’t be happening,’ especially when many deaths could have been prevented with better access to health care and housing, said David Snow, a sociology professor at the University of California-Irvine. ‘If you are on the streets, you are not getting the attention you need.’”

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Kuwaiti academic claims homosexual men have a worm in their asses that feeds on semen.

No, really, you can’t make shit like that up.

A Kuwaiti woman, who describes herself as an academic, has claimed gay men have a worm in their backside that ‘feeds on semen’, according to local media reports.

In a bizarre clip, posted on social media by US-based MEMRI who covers stories from the Middle East, Mariam Al-Sohel reportedly said she has found a ‘cure’ for homosexuality.

Speaking on Scope TV, a broadcaster based in Kuwait City, the purported anti-gay researcher said her ‘cure’ is based around ‘therapeutic suppositories’, inspired by ‘Islamic prophecies’, and founded in science.

She is said to have added that gay people develop a ‘sexual urge’ after being ‘sexually attacked’ and this persists as there is a worm in their backside which ‘feeds on semen’.

The purported academic also claimed that there were four genders – ‘male, female, feminine gay men and butch lesbians’, the news agency reported.

‘So, what I did was to produce suppositories, which are to be used by certain people at a certain time,’ Mrs Al-Sohel reportedly said.

She later shows other guests and hosts of the discussion panel samples of the suppositories pills that she has made.

The Kuwaiti regime criminalises homosexuality under its ‘debauchery’ law and can hold lengthy prison sentences.

Cross-dressing is also illegal in the Gulf state.

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One of the people beheaded by the Saudis in that mass beheading festival they recently had was someone who was to be a student at one of our universities.

Of course, Rancid Labia had her kotex in a wad over this.

I’d say the Saudis did us a favor.

A Saudi Arabian man who was admitted to a Michigan college was beheaded in Saudi Arabia as part of a mass execution Tuesday.

Mujtaba al-Sweikat was arrested in 2012, then 17, at King Fahd International Airport, Saudi Arabia, for allegedly attending a pro-democracy rally in the middle of the Arab Spring, the Detroit Free Press reported Tuesday. The government accused al-Sweikat of causing chaos by making Molotov cocktails in a terrorist cell, armed disobedience against the king and hurting security officials and civilians.

The Arab Spring was a group of pro-democracy uprisings, primarily in Muslim countries.

Al-Sweikat was on his way to “begin his studies at Western Michigan University (WMU)” at the time he was detained, according to international human rights group Reprieve.

He was convicted in 2015 based on a confession forced through torture and was given a death sentence in 2016, the Free Press reported.

“At least three of the people executed today were arrested as teenagers and tortured into false confessions,” Reprieve Director Maya Foa said in a statement Tuesday. “Many were convicted of non-lethal crimes, such as attending protests. That the Saudi regime believes it has impunity to carry out such patently illegal executions, without notice, should shock its international partners into action.”

His body and soles of his feet were severely beaten, according to Reprieve.

WMU faculty called on al-Sweikat’s release in a 2017 letter, according to the Free Press. (RELATED: Georgetown Apologized Non-Stop Over Slavery, School Still Took Money From Slavery-Rampant Country)

“As academics and teachers, we take pride in defending the rights of all people, wherever they may be in the world, to speak freely and debate openly without hindrance or fear,” the letter said. “We publicly declare our support for Mujtaba’a and the 13 others facing imminent execution. No one should face beheading for expressing beliefs in public protests.”

Al-Sweikat was one of more than 35 people beheaded in the largest execution since 2016, according to The Washington Post.

Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib weighed in on the executions on Twitter Tuesday.

“Saudi Arabia’s ruler MBS [Mohammed bin Salman] tortures & executes children,” Tlaib tweeted. “Already this year, he has killed 100 people. At least 3 today were arrested as teenagers & tortured into false confessions. He killed them for attending protests! Think about that.”

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