Assisted suicide.

It’s a really long story and worth reading.

There are pitfalls in the way the Canadian law is written but for certain folks it is a blessing.

I’ll start you off but please finish at the link.

Two days before he was scheduled to die, John Shields roused in his hospice bed with an unusual idea. He wanted to organize an Irish wake for himself. It would be old-fashioned with music and booze, except for one notable detail – he would be present.

The party should take up a big section of Swiss Chalet, a family-style chain restaurant on the road out of town. Shields wanted his last supper to be one he so often enjoyed on Friday nights when he was a young Catholic priest – rotisserie chicken legs with gravy.

Then, his family would take him home and he would die there in the morning, preferably in the garden. It was his favorite spot, rocky and wild. Flowering native shrubs pressed in from all sides, and a stone Buddha and birdbath peeked out from among the ferns and boulders. Before he got sick, Shields liked to sit in his old Adirondack chair and watch the bald eagles train their juveniles to soar overhead. He meditated there twice a day, among the towering Douglas firs.

“Someone once asked me how did I get to become unique,” he said that afternoon in his hospice bed. “I recommend meditation as a starting place – bringing your consciousness to bear.” Shields intended to die swiftly and peacefully by lethal injection, administered by his doctor. In June, the Canadian government legalized what it termed “medical assistance in dying” for competent adult patients who are near death and suffering intolerably from irremediable illnesses. When his doctor, Stefanie Green, informed him that he qualified, Shields felt the first hope since a doctor told him more than a year before that he had a rare and incurable disease called amyloidosis, which caused proteins to build up in his heart and painfully damage the nerves in his arms and legs.

Having control over the terms of his death made him feel empowered over the disease rather than crippled by it, a common response among Green’s patients. Shields believed that dying openly and without fear could be his most meaningful legacy – which was saying something. The man had packed five lifetimes of service into one: he had been a civil rights activist, a social worker for children, the head of British Columbia’s biggest union and, most recently, the savior of a floundering land trust that included 7,191 acres of protected wilderness and historic properties.
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Social media use affecting couples’ sex lives and communication.

A new study reveals there’s a serious lack of love-making these days.

Research published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found Americans had sex nine times fewer in the early part of this decade than they did in the late 1990s. The biggest decline was among younger couples.

Beverly Hills couple therapist Fran Walfish isn’t surprised by the findings.

“What I see in younger couples is one partner doesn’t want sex and the other does and they submit because all of their attempts have been refused and failed,” she said.

Ryan Rosengren and Danielle Vaughn say when it’s been awhile it’s not because there’s a lack of passion.

“You get caught up in, like, busy lives and work,” Vaughn said.

Angela Hughes has her own “go-to” plan when she isn’t feeling it.

“I just go to the bathroom and strategically wait for him to be asleep,” she laughed, explaining, “We have four kids.”

Many couples also find themselves in a bedtime battle with electronics.

“Social media has become a force to be reckoned with,” Walfish said.

A breakdown in communication in also to blame.

Walfish advises couples to talk about desires without criticism to help get over the slump.

“Listen to your partner without becoming defensive,” she said, adding, “Do not expect to have conditions where you give, they have to give.”

Being “overly clingy” can also backfire, she said.

Another possible sex slump solution? Leave worries outside the bedroom.

Experts emphasize sex is not just beneficial for a healthy relationship but can also be a great form of exercise and can have positive effects on overall well-being.

Some suggest it can even boost employee morale.

In a small town in Sweden, an official recently proposed the idea of giving city employees an hour-long “paid break” each week to go home and have sex.

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I’ll bet none of these fuckers have regular jobs.

A TV show is set to follow the most plastic people on the planet who have spent close to three million dollars on surgeries and procedures.

Plastics of Hollywood will feature 12 human dolls including Ken Dolls Rodrigo Alves and Justin Jedlica, Jessica Rabbit imitator Pixee Fox, Kim Kardashian wannabe Jennifer Pamplona and alien lookalike Vinny Ohh.

Talent manager and producer, Marcela Iglesias, from Los Angeles, California said: ‘We are the world’s first agency for the most modified human beings.

‘They are incredible characters who have had plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures or just have very extreme looks.

‘From surgery and procedures, the dolls have spent over three million dollars altering how they look.

‘Justin Jedlica has $500,000 of that alone and Rodrigo’s body is insured for one million dollars.

‘For these people, it’s about the need to become somebody else because they were born in the wrong body.

‘For this we have been called satanic, crazy and plenty more, but we couldn’t care less that’s just their opinions.

‘I am never bothered by what people have to say, they will either love or hate us, we don’t judge anybody so I don’t understand why they judge us.’

The reality TV show will follow the human dolls trying to carve careers away from the world of body alteration and their extreme looks.

‘As part of our talent agency we guide them to be the best they can be, if some want to be singers, actors, performers we give them the best steps to achieve that goal,’ Marcela said.

‘We’re training them to be the best they can be, put them through boot-camps, give them voice coaching and guidance to be successful.

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Supposed white guy launches into an anti-muslim tirade, accosts two women wearing head sacks and kills two men who defended said head-sacked women.

You know “the rest of the story” is missing.

They’ll find him mentally retarded from something or a recent convert planted to raise fears of Islamophobia.

I could be wrong and will apologize if so.

A man who was yelling ‘anti-Muslim’ slurs at two young women on a light-rail train fatally slashed the throats of two men and injured a third person when they tried to intervene, police said.

The suspect was arrested after he ran off the train at the Hollywood transit station in Portland, Oregon. Police have not released his or the victims’ names, theOregonian reported.

The attacker was ‘yelling a gamut of anti-Muslim and anti-everything slurs’ before he turned his focus on the women, one of whom was wearing a hijab, police Sgt. Pete Simpson said.

After the suspect attacked the victims, he reportedly said, ‘This is free America, I can do whatever I want’ one witness toldKOMO news.

One victim was dead at the scene and while another died at a hospital, Simpson said. The third person was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The attack happened on a MAX train as it headed east on Friday around 4.30pm.

Evelin Hernandez, a 38-year-old resident of Clackamas, Oregon, said she was on the train when the man began making racist remarks to the women.

‘[He] said, “Get off the bus, and get out of the country because you don’t pay taxes here.” [He said he] doesn’t like Muslims, they’re criminals,’ Evelin Hernandez told KATU.

When the two men stepped in and tried to protect other passengers on the train, the suspect slashed their throats, Simpson told the news channel.

It wasn’t clear why the man was yelling, but the Portland Police department characterized the rant as ‘hate speech toward a variety of ethnicities and religions’.

‘He was talking about a lot of different things, not just specifically anti-Muslim,’ Simpson said.

After the stabbings, the suspect said he was free to do what he wanted in America, witnesses said. He also reportedly said he was getting off at the next stop and that no one should follow him, KOIN reported.

Police don’t know if the suspect, described as a white man between the ages of 20 and 40, has mental health issues or whether was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time.

Simpson said the women understandably left the scene before police arrived, adding that authorities hoped to track them down to help fill in what happened.

The two women were described by police as ‘possibly Muslim’, although Simpson said: ‘We have not been able to find those girls to verify that.’

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She’s criticizing Trump because he’s not visiting countries in alphabetical order.

You read that right.

Funny how it never bothered her that Obongo didn’t visit them in order.

Has Nancy Pelosi completely lost her mind? Or does she just have to complain about everything President Trump does?

During a press briefing on Thursday, the House Minority Leader criticized the president’s choice of visiting Saudi Arabia first during his inaugural foreign trip.

“I thought it was unusual for the President of the United States to go to Saudi Arabia first. Saudi Arabia!” Pelosi said.

“It wasn’t even alphabetical. I mean, Saudi Arabia.”

The Democrat leader contrasted Trump’s visit with George W. Bush first visiting Mexico, and Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama visiting Canada first.

“Our friends and neighbors,” she said. “What was the decision-making process to go to Saudi Arabia first? That is a question that I have,” she said.

If Trump were to begin visiting foreign countries by alphabetical order, he would first visit Afghanistan, followed by Albania, Algeria, Andorra and Angola.

Is Nancy Pelosi really advocating for a Sesame Street strategy to boost foreign relations?

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