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One thing I can’t stand is women in make-up troweled faces.

She’s one.

Bet she’d scare the shit out of you in the morning without it on but, to get to the point: she’s got the biggest mouth in the world.

But I bet she can.….. (I’ll leave the rest to all you perverts out there. 🙂

A TikTok star with 1.7 million followers has bagged a Guinness World Record – for having the largest female mouth.

Samantha Ramsdell, 31, from Stamford, Connecticut, has gone viral a handful of times thanks to her unique looks – with her mouth opening an incredible 2.56 inches.

Now, she has been recognised for breaking the Guinness record for world’s largest mouth gape of a female.

Samantha, a medical sales representative, told Guinness that she feels ‘great’ now her mouth is being celebrated – while it was once a huge insecurity.

‘Being 31 and being able to get a record for something that really I was so insecure about, something that I wanted to keep so small, it’s great because now it’s like one of the biggest, best things about me,’ she explained.

‘If I had advice for anyone who had a large body part, or something really unique, and they wanted to go for the Guinness World Records title, I would say do it!

‘Do it proud and make it your biggest asset. It’s your superpower. It is the thing that makes you special and different from everyone else walking around.’

Samantha originally started her social media accounts to show off her performance skills – never knowing that her facial feature would attract such attention.

In 2019, Samantha only had around 300 hundred followers on social media, but she now has a whopping 1.7 million dedicated fans on TikTok (@samramsdell5).

Samantha (pictured, left and right) says if she has advice for anyone who has a large body part and they want to go for the Guinness World Records title, just ‘do it!’

‘I lost over 50 pounds two years ago and regained a ton of my confidence back,’ Samantha previously said in November 2020.

‘I started taking singing lessons, then posting my singing videos on Instagram. I fell in love with improv and comedy, and started posting more of that on social media too.

‘I made a TikTok account in fall 2019, but didn’t start really consistently posting until Covid hit around April 2020.

‘I started growing popularity over lockdown, I’d make a lot of funny face videos, comedy skits and singing parodies. But any video involving my mouth and the faces I can make always went crazy viral.’

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Devices installed to replace fossil fuels found to decimate fish and nutrient population.

Governments mandate their disassembly; taxpayers left without energy sources.

It’s what I think when I see this:

A tidal-powered turbine, which its makers say is the most powerful in the world, has started to generate electricity via the grid in Orkney.

The Orbital O2 has the capacity to meet the annual electricity demand of 2,000 homes for the next 15 years.

In May, it was sailed out of Dundee, where it was assembled over 18 months.

The 680-tonne turbine is now anchored in the Fall of Warness where a subsea cable connects the 2MW offshore unit to the local onshore electricity network.

Orbital Marine Power said its first commercial turbine, which will be powered by the fast-flowing waters, is a “major milestone”.

It is also providing power to an onshore electrolyser to generate green hydrogen.

Orbital chief executive Andrew Scott praised his team and the supply chain for delivering the “pioneering renewable energy project” safely and successfully.

He added: “Our vision is that this project is the trigger to the harnessing of tidal stream resources around the world to play a role in tackling climate change whilst creating a new, low-carbon industrial sector.”

The turbine’s superstructure floats on the surface of the water, with rotors attached to its legs which extract energy from the passing tidal flow.

It is held on station by a four-point mooring system with each mooring chain having the strength to lift over 50 double decker buses.

Electricity is transferred from the turbine via a dynamic cable to the seabed and then through a static cable to the local onshore electricity network.

The company is now aiming to commercialise its technology in a move it says will deliver a jobs boost to coastal communities.

Mr Scott said: “We believe pioneering our vision in the UK can deliver on a broad spectrum of political initiatives across net zero, levelling up and building back better at the same time as demonstrating global leadership in the area of low-carbon innovation that is essential to creating a more sustainable future for the generations to come.”

The construction of the O2 turbine was enabled by public lenders through the ethical investment platform, Abundance Investment.

It also received £3.4m from the Scottish government’s Saltire Tidal Energy Challenge Fund.

Energy Secretary Michael Matheson said: “With our abundant natural resources, expertise and ambition, Scotland is ideally-placed to harness the enormous global market for marine energy whilst helping deliver a net-zero economy.

“The deployment of Orbital Marine Power’s O2, the world’s most powerful tidal turbine, is a proud moment for Scotland and a significant milestone in our journey to net zero.”

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Shamelessly stolen from Knuckledraggin’

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Got something interesting?

Just feel like bitching?

Need to unload?

Have at it in the comments.

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If it wasn’t enough that she vetoed a trans-weirdo bill but now she’s telling employees to go look for other jobs if their employer demands Kung-Flu ID.

For a potential presidential candidate who had built up a good amount of conservative goodwill, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is projecting the wrong message to keep her name circulating in the hat. Admittedly, I was hopeful for her just a few months ago, but her actions since then have been made me back away.

The latest example of embracing Republican Establishment corporatism is abysmal. What’s worse is that she demonstrated her embrace of one of the most hated industries today among MAGA conservatives: Big Pharma.

“Workers whose employers are mandating a vaccine for continued employment have the power to say no. Our robust economy and job market gives them the option to find a new employer that values personal choice and responsibility, and doesn’t force mandates on their employees.”

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White cop saves she-boon’s life and momma-boon blames the cops.

Girl was reported multiple times to have jumped out in front of cars.

Mother must have been close by with her camera to film but did nothing to stop the asshole daughter.

You can expect a GoFundMe and a lawsuit soon.

Are there no tall buildings or bridges in/near the town that the cop could have taken her to fulfill her wish?

Let’s hope the little cunt and her POS mom take themselves out of our misery soon.

A white Texas cop was filmed laying on a vomiting black girl saying ‘I can’t breathe’ after she reportedly ran in front of cars on a busy road in a bid to kill herself.

The girl, named as Nekia Trigg, 18, was filmed prone on the ground in Forney, Texas, on Tuesday.

Trigg’s mom Antanique Ray, could be heard pleading with the officer to let her get up while she tries to calm her daughter down as she labored through each breath.

Ray was later arrested for disorderly behavior, but has since bonded back out of prison. Trigg was held for a mental health evaluation and released without charge.

Her family denies reports Trigg was attempting to kill herself, despite multiple eyewitnesses calling 911 saying that the teenager appeared to be trying to throw herself in front of moving cars.

The officer filmed pinning her down – identified as Kaufman County Sheriff’s Deputy Conner Martin – ignored Ray and kept his full body weight on top of Trigg while pinning her arms over head and wrapping his legs around her legs.

He has since been placed on administrative leaving pending an investigation – standard practice for deputies who face a misconduct probe.

Footage since shared online starts with Trigg already on the ground and Martin on top of her. After about two minutes, Martin and his partner are seen flipping Trigg on her stomach and cuffing her while she spits up.

The two deputies lead Trigg away to the police car, where she was followed by her mom. There were a few moments of calm before violent chaos ensued.

Those officers’ bodies blocked the camera’s view of what sparked the physical confrontation, but Martin is heard yelling, ‘Let go of her!’ at least twice before tackling Ray to the ground in the middle of the street.

A third officer comes running into view and is seen pointing a stun girl at the person recording the incident.

While lying in the street, Ray is heard saying, ‘All I did was ask you to loosen the cuffs. I didn’t touch you. I was touching my daughter and asked you to loosen the cuffs because she said they were too tight.’

By the end of the video, the person recording says, ‘You got seven police out here, for three little black girls.’

Police received multiple 911 called about a young woman jumping in front of cars, trying to get hit, and saying she didn’t care if she died.

Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office said it’s reviewing the incident and released the recordings of the 911 calls as well as bodycam footage showing the moments leading up to what turned out to be a violent ordeal.

The officer is heard trying to settle Trigg down, who was crying. He grabbed her arm and said she can’t walk away. It’s unclear if this is Martin’s bodycam.

It’s police protocol to hold a person who maybe suicidal for mental health evaluation.

But Trigg is seen crying and heard on the bodycam saying, ‘Why are you hurting me?’ while looking down at the officer’s hand around her arm.

‘I don’t want you to hurt me,’ at least four times.

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Winner: First Place (Gold)
Loser: Second Place (Silver)
Loser: Third Place (Bronze)

Obviously this special snowflake SJW doesn’t know the difference.

Maybe someone should ask her who won the Silver or Bronze forany Olympic event 4 years ago; 8 years ago; 12 years ago.

Betcha she has no clue (unless she purposely studied it.)

Team USA is locked in a tight race with China and Japan for the lead in gold medals at the Olympics. However, according to one U.S. Olympian, Americans should be celebrating Silver and Bronze.

Lilly King is bringing home silver after finishing second in the women’s 200m breaststroke on Friday. In addition, she also took bronze in the women’s 100m breaststroke. After those two strong performances, King had choice words for those who look at Team USA’s second and third-place finishes as disappointments.

“Excuse my French, but the fact that we’re not celebrating silver and bronze is bull****,” King said.

“What is that about?” she asked. “You get to bring a medal home for your country, and just because we compete for the United States and maybe we have extremely high standards for this sort of thing, that doesn’t excuse the fact that we haven’t been celebrating silver and bronze as much as gold.”

King continued, “I might be more happy with this medal than I’ve been with any of my previous medals, including the two golds in Rio. We really should be celebrating those silver and bronzes because those are some of the greatest moments of that athlete’s career, and why would we not celebrate that?”

Of course, Americans expect more from their athletes because the country has – at least until this point – tended to excel or at least attempt to excel in everything we attempt. However, as it pertains to the Olympics, the United States is known for having most of the most talented athletes in the world and investing huge amounts of money in its Olympic training program.

So, naturally, the expectations are high.

That doesn’t mean, however, that people look at silver medals as failures. In fact, most Americans would probably take a player who wins bronze and respectfully stands for the anthem instead of someone who won gold and took a knee.

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Watch how the grilling was relentless and this Texas cunt was left reeling after each one knowing the answer to only one question in the barrage of 12-15 that related to percentages of voters. There were a couple of dozen about just simply needing ID that the fleebagger had to answer yes to.

A good elitist bitch slap is at 2:44.

At 3:08 the pummeling begins.

State Rep. Senfronia Thompson is among the Democrat legislators who abandoned their jobs in Texas to block election integrity bills in the ongoing special session. They are holed up in a posh hotel, spreading COVID and asking for care packages despite the fact that all of them are wealthy and powerful legislators.

If they didn’t think to bring underwear or enough salsa to get by (but they didn’t ask for chips?), that’s on them and the staffs they pay to do everything for them.

After her encounter Thursday with Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina, Thompson may wish she’d stayed in Texas. The South Carolina Republican asked Thompson a series of straightforward questions about what you need an ID to do in Texas and elsewhere — board a chartered plane as the Democrats did and get inside the U.S. House chamber where that hearing took place are among them — and how many people of various backgrounds support voter ID.

Mace first asks how prevalent the need for ID is in Texas, which like most if not all states requires ID for renting an apartment, opening a bank account, and purchasing alcohol and tobacco products. She then zeroes in on the questions regarding elections that Thompson was either unprepared to answer or intentionally whiffed.

At the 4:10 mark, Mace asks Thompson if she knows the percentage of Democrats who support voter ID. Thompson admits she does not but says, “I don’t think it’s a whole lot.”

“Seventy-two percent,” Mace tells Thompson.

Mace asks Thompson if she knows the number of black and brown and African-Americans who support voter ID.

“No,” Thompson responds.

“Seventy-five percent,” Mace says.

Mace asks Thompson if she knows the number of Hispanics who support voter ID.

Thompson demurs.

“Eighty-one percent,” Mace answers.

Polls have consistently shown that Mace’s numbers are correct. Voter ID enjoys widespread support across all demographics, with Democrats in office — curiously — the only major opponents of it.

Why would that be?

Through questioning, Mace informs Thompson that Texas ranks 10th in the U.S. in black voter turnout. So it’s not lagging or oppressing the black vote in any way. This has also been true for years, as is the fact that voter ID has led to increases in minority voting rates. I wrote about that for CNN shortly after Texas conducted its first elections under voter ID.

Thompson seems to be unaware that her and her party’s arguments against election integrity bills such as the one they fled Texas to break quorum and slow down evaporated under Mace’s questioning.

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Check out Muriel “Bow-Wow” Bowser who issued a mask mandate for her city NOT immediately but AFTER her birthday party.

And what is it with her cultural appropriation of white hairstyles?

She needs to be sued so that she’d ‘Fro her hair again.

The best part of this fiasco is that technically she wasn’t breaking the rules. But under the circumstances, that may be worse than if she was.

On Thursday Muriel Bowser ordered a new indoor mask mandate for Washington, D.C., a dubious move given the low (but rising) case counts there. It was in keeping with the CDC’s guidance, though: Because D.C. had just begun to meet the statistical threshold for “substantial” transmission, Bowser brought down the hammer. The city would take no chances; in the interest of heading off a new wave of COVID fueled by the Delta variant, all Washingtonians would be asked to mask indoors.

Time was of the essence.

That was Thursday. Then, last night, she threw herself a big birthday bash. That’s her in the white dress:

Wasn’t that against the rules? Not exactly — because, you see, when Bowser announced the new mandate on Thursday, she said that it wouldn’t take effect until 5 a.m. this morning.

Which raises an obvious question:

Did Bowser actually delay the mandate so that she could throw her party on Friday night without guests having to mask up? It made no sense on the scientific merits to postpone implementation for two days. If the point of mandating masks was to prevent a new wave before it built up momentum then why wait 48 hours for the mandate to take effect? It should have been implemented immediately.

Time was of the essence, no?

What was really of the essence was Bowser getting to party unencumbered by precautionary mandates, which is why I say this is arguably worse than if she had broken the rules. Anyone can make a thoughtless mistake, but writing the rules so that you get to have your fun before they kick in and cramp your style is premeditated scumbaggery.

Bowser’s going to say, I assume, that she wouldn’t have been breaking the rules even if the mandate was in effect because she and her guests weren’t “indoors” in the way that term is usually defined. As you can see in the second photo above, a huge sliding window had been opened to allow access to the patio beyond, providing lots of ventilation. Which is super, but riddle me this: Given how hyper-contagious Delta is, isn’t it logical that the risk of infection has risen even in well ventilated spaces — especially when you’re static, in a crowd of people, sharing the same air space?

Click here and you’ll find Bowser cheek-to-cheek with the party’s DJ at one point last night, both of them without masks. That’s probably not the only photo she took with one of her guests. Does she really think that a virus that’s as infectious as chicken pox couldn’t make the jump of a few inches from one person to another in any space, indoors or outdoors?

I’m excited to hear her explain today how D.C. has reached a frightening new stage of the pandemic but not so frightening that she couldn’t clink champagne glasses with Dave Chappelle and dozens of guests without precautions in the middle of it. Stay tuned.

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NHS nurses belittle and threaten to have social services take new born baby from mom if mom does not allow the Nazis to test the baby for Kung Flu.

If these cnuts don’t get fired then Britain deserves utter collapse.

Vid at link.

A video out of the UK shows NHS nurses demanding to COVID test a newborn baby, claiming it’s not the mother’s property once outside the womb and then threatening to report her to social services for refusing.

The shocking video, which was posted to Twitter, shows a heavily pregnant mother in a hospital bed being lectured by nurses about how it’s mandatory for the baby to be given a COVID test immediately after birth.

“It is my property,” states the mother, to which one of the nurses responds, “so you will…while the baby’s in your abdomen.”

“So you’re saying once the baby comes out it’s not my property no more, yes it is, I gave birth to it, it’s got my blood running through it,” the mother asserts.

The nurse then continued to insist she “explain” why the baby needs a COVID test, which only serves to stress out the pregnant woman.

“Do you really think I need this bullshit about COVID when I’ve got a risk of losing my baby?” the woman asks.

The father of the baby then suggests the pair leave the hospital, stating, “They’re not COVID testing my baby – end of.”

“You can’t tell me that you get to give me the say of what happens once my baby’s born – I don’t think so, you can’t do nothing to my baby without my permission,” says the mother.

The nurse then responds by saying the mother’s refusal to have her baby COVID tested will be documented and passed on to social services (the Safeguarding team), essentially meaning that the mother will be investigated for neglect and possibly face authorities trying to remove the baby from her care.

“You’re so good aren’t you, you people?” the mother sardonically states at the end of the clip, perhaps in reference to how nurses in the UK have been deified as a result of the pandemic, with people at one point being asked to participate in weekly applause sessions to show gratitude to the NHS.

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If you really do not want the shot but it is mandated by the Nazis running the government, try this: tell them you’re a trans-weirdo.

Transgender activists in Italy have objected to the coronavirus “Green Pass”, claiming it would reveal information on their gender.

Christian Cristalli, president and co-founder of the activist group Gruppo Trans Bologna, said of the health pass: “Transgender people will have to show a QR code that will refer to personal information, which causes a lot of discomfort and exposes the person.”

Cristalli made his comments during a meeting of the municipality of Bologna and added, according to Il Giornale: “We must work in synergy with institutions and associations, to create inclusive environments and measures.”

The sentiment has been shared by Italian LGBT blog Progetto Genderqueer, which questioned how the Green Pass would treat those who were transgender or non-binary.

“I am very much in favour of tests and Green Passes for access to places shared with others. The problem is how privacy will be handled in a world that does not take into account transgender and non-binary people,” the author of the blog wrote.

“In addition, there may also be transphobic managers who, after the first verification, and after discovering our identity, may no longer want us on their premises,” the author claimed.

Privacy issues have been a major issue around vaccine passports. In March, Rob Shavell, the co-founder and CEO of the online privacy company Abine, told Breitbart London that there was a risk of data being leaked.

“Time and time again governments say that they are providing a data service to their citizens and claim that it will be protected, but what we see is this information ending up in data profiles available on Google searches,” he said.

“The systems we have are too complicated and once that data gets digitised and out there and replicated in the country’s database that you are travelling to, with its own set of privacy protocols, you are looking at an expanding universe,” Shavell added.

Italy is set to roll out the Green Pass on August 6th and it will be required for large gatherings, eating and drinking at restaurants indoors, and access to gyms, cinemas, and theatres.

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If you really do not want the shot but it is mandated by the Nazis running the government, try this: tell them you’re a vegan.

Ethical vegans may be exempt from being forced by their employers to be vaccinated because their lifestyle beliefs are protected by law, a legal firm has claimed.

Last year, a judge presiding over an employment tribunal ruled that ethical veganism — where a vegan avoids all animals products, products that used animals in testing, or services associated with animal exploitation — was a “philosophical belief”, making it a protected characteristic like race, religion, or sexuality, with its adherents covered under the Equality Act 2010.

Referencing the case, a spokesman from law firm Lewis Silkin said, according to The Telegraph: “Some ethical vegans may disagree with vaccinations on the basis that they will inevitably have been tested on animals. Ethical veganism has previously been found by an [employment tribunal] to amount to a belief, capable of being protected.”

The remarks come weeks after the government passed legislation to force all care home staff to be vaccinated against the Chinese coronavirus. Silkie Carlo, the director of the privacy and civil liberties pressure group Big Brother Watch, warned that the passing of the law could embolden employers to make similar demands, leaving “millions” of employers to face a choice between a jab and their job.

Some employers have been considering introducing mandatory vaccines for several months, including the anti-Brexit Charlie Mullins of Pimlico Plumbers, who vowed in January to impose a “no vaccine, no job” rule.

Mr Mullins is not alone, however, according to a recent poll by the British Chambers of Commerce of large businesses employing more than 50 people.

Around one-third of large businesses said they were considering introducing vaccine demands, with eight per cent saying they would “likely” do so in the future. Nearly one in ten (nine per cent) said they already had required employees to prove their vaccination status.

A senior figure in the British government appeared to give his tacit approval for employers to demand mandatory vaccination of staff. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab told Sky News on Thursday: “We want everyone to be double-jabbed.”

“I can understand why employers think that that would be a smart policy or approach to encourage, whether or not there should be hard and fast legal rules I think we need to look at carefully. But our message overwhelmingly is get the jab,” he said.

Transport Minister Grant Shapps was forced to confirm on Friday that the government would not be mandating vaccines in order for people to return to work, but again expressed that it was a “good idea” and some employers may decide to do so.

“We are not going to make that legislation, that every adult has to be double vaccinated before they go back to the office, but yes it is a good idea and yes some companies will require it,” Mr Shapps said.

The Telegraph notes that ethical vegans could take their employers to court if they claim they were forced to resign if faced with an order to be vaccinated.

There are some 500,000 vegans in the United Kingdom, and around 100 have already contacted the Vegan Society over concerns they could be asked to be vaccinated at work.

However, others may challenge company policies on vaccination included so-called “anti-vaxxers” on the grounds that their beliefs should be protected in the same way that ethical vegans’ philosophies are.

Solicitor Clare Chappell from Peacock & Co noted that “somebody at some point who is an anti-vaxxer is going to bring a claim that an anti-vax belief is a philosophical belief.

“I think it’s going to throw a lot of interesting developments into discrimination law over the coming months and years.”

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PolitiFact sent out a job tweet saying, “Come join our misinformation team.”

They got skewered.

Lots of Twatter shit at the link.

Joseph Wulfsohn at Fox News pointed out that Conservative Twitter had a lot of fun with PolitiFact on Thursday when Bill McCarthy didn’t see the double meaning in his tweet “PolitiFact is hiring! Come join our misinformation team.”

Poor Bill. If he’d only tweeted “misinformation-fighting team.”

That was too much fun to avoid dunking on the right, including our own Brittany Hughes of MRCTV:

I added:

In the first 100 days of Biden, we found PolitiFact leaped to defend Biden against “misinformation” eight times as often as they fact-checked the president.

Look no further than their “Pants On Fire” category. Most of the “liars” accused there are from Facebook messages and viral videos, but some are politicians or party organizations. From May 1 through July 30, there are 13 “Pants on Fire” rulings on politicians/parties, and there are 12 on Republicans and one on a Democrat.

The Democrat is Terry McAuliffe. The Republicans are Donald Trump (four on how he really won, etc.), Eric Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz. Rep. Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Lauren Boebert, Rep. Andrew Clyde, Rep. Matt Rosendale, and Rep. Rodney Davis. There’s one for the “Texas GOP” account.

President Biden doesn’t have one “Pants on Fire” in 2021.

When you click on McCarthy’s link, PolitiFact does claim to be “nonpartisan.”

This position is meant for someone with less than three years of working experience. We are committed to diversity and an inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds. We especially encourage members of traditionally underrepresented communities to apply for this position.

PolitiFact won the Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the 2008 presidential election and is part of the Poynter Institute for Media Studies. Our mission is to hold all politicians accountable for the claims they make, and to provide voters nonpartisan, accurate information.

Light the pants!

Obviously, they are exactly as nonpartisan as Chuck Todd, who dismissed studies of fact-checker tilt like ours in an interview this week, and argued:

We should have fought back better in the mainstream media. We shouldn’t [have] accepted the premise that there was liberal bias. We should have defended. I hear the attacks on fact checkers where they “fact-check Republicans six times more than they fact-check Democrats.”

Yeah. Perhaps the Republicans are being factually incorrect more often than the Democrats.

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That’s right.

The latest silliness from people calling themselves “experts.”

So let’s all walk around in and out of our houses jerking off (male and female) and when arrested tell the cops you’re boosting your imminity from the Kung-Flu.

WITH a deadly virus circulating the past year and a half, many people have been wondering how they can boost their immunity.

Masturbating is sometimes touted as a way to give the immune system a kickstart.

When Covid first started causing chaos in the Western world in March 2020, Google searches for “can masurbation boost immunity” went wild as people searched for ways to protect themselves.

Unfortunately, touching oneself will not be the difference between catching Covid and not, as there are many factors that influence a person’s risk of getting the disease.

But Dr Jennifer Landa, a specialist in hormone therapy, suggests that indulging in some self-love might be able to strengthen your body’s natural defence forces.

“Masturbation can produce the right environment for a strengthened immune system,” she said, according to Men’s Health.

But is there any evidence behind it?

One small but promising study of 11 men – who were awkwardly told to masturbate while researchers took blood tests – suggests so.

Published in 2004, it showed masturbation caused a temporary spike in immune cells, including killer cells that fight viruses.

An example is lymphocytes – white blood cells that fight foreign invaders, including the coronavirus.

The effect lasted for around 45 minutes after orgasm, according to the study by the Department of Medical Psychology, University Clinic of Essen, Germany.

The researchers wrote: “These findings demonstrate that components of the innate immune system are activated by sexual arousal and orgasm.”

It suggests getting friendly with your own hand could help prevent an infection like coronavirus from getting serious, should you catch it.

But Dr Jagdish Khubchandani, a professor of public health at New Mexico State University, told Medical News Today the size of the study was “not good enough” to be reliable.

And all the volunteers were young and fit men, meaning it can’t be applied to a general population who have varying degrees of health.

Other than that almost 20-year old study, there really is a lack of information on how masturbation impacts immunity, especially in women.

But experts say masturbation may be generally good for immunity through its indirect effects on the body.

Dr Khubchandani said it’s not easy to determine if masturbation causes a surge of immune cells itself, or if it’s due to a reduction in stress.

Orgasms in general help you relax, reduce stress, elevate mood and help you sleep better, all of which could arguably be key for keeping immunity prime.

In one study, published in the Frontiers in Public Health, almost half of men and women who masturbated before bed said they either got better sleep quality, or fell asleep quicker.

Meanwhile, research has shown orgasms trigger the release of oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone”.

It in turn can decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which although has some benefits, such as fighting inflammation, is never good in high amounts.

Stress is thought to suppress the immune system, says Harvard Health, which can increase susceptibility to colds and other illnesses, potentially Covid.

Dr Felice Gersh, a gynaecologist and obstetrician who specialises in women’s health, said masturbation every day won’t prevent Covid.

“But you can say ‘It’s certainly not going to create harm’”, she told Mashable.

“I think the takeaway message is that there are no negatives from it,” she said.

Other studies have shown that masturbation can stave off prostate cancer in men and infections in women, likely due to how the genitals physically react to orgasm rather than because it bolsters immunity.

The immune system is a complex network with multiple lines of defences.

It’s strength varies from person to person, with factors like age, medication and diet largely contributing.

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I’d call them athletes but they’re acting like entitled pussies.

The latest is this assclown who blames doping by Russia for his loss.

At first you’d think he may have some grounds. After all, China and Russia cheated like motherfuckers to win other Olympics.

Then you dig down and find out he’s been sucking at swimming for a couple of years yet fully intended to rest on his laurels to win in 2021.

Ryan Murphy came to Tokyo as the king of backstroke. He’ll leave these games dethroned, but not silent.

After taking silver in the men’s 200-meter backstroke behind Evgeny Rylov of the Russian Olympic Committee on Friday morning, Murphy vented his frustrations in the mixed zone.

“I’ve got about 15 thoughts. Thirteen of them would get me into a lot of trouble,” he said before adding: “It is a huge mental drain on me to go throughout the year that I’m swimming in a race that’s probably not clean.”

The Russian Olympic Committee counter-punched on Twitter.

“How unnerving our victories are for some of our colleagues,” ROC wrote in Russian on its official account. “Yes, we are here at the Olympics. Absolutely right. Whether someone likes it or not.”

“The old barrel organ started the song about Russian doping again,” it continued. “English-language propaganda, oozing verbal sweat in the Tokyo heat. Through the mouths of athletes offended by defeats. We will not console you. Forgive those who are weaker. God is their judge. And for us—an assistant.”

Three days earlier in Tokyo, Murphy finished third in the 100-meter backstroke behind Rylov and countryman Kliment Kolesnikov. The latter swimmer appeared to mock the American during the post-race press conference when asked a question in Russian about ending Team USA’s 20-year gold medal streak.

Both Russian athletes compete under the banner of the Russian Olympic Committee because Russia itself is banned as part of sanctions related to its state-sponsored doping scheme at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Murphy won three gold medals in Rio in the men’s backstroke events and the 4×100-meter mixed medley relay. He set world records in the final of the 200 backstroke and in the 100 on the leadoff leg of the men’s relay.

Murphy hasn’t been able to match his dominant 2016 Olympic performance at major international meets since and admitted to struggling during the 2019 season. Still, he appeared to be rounding into form at U.S. Olympic Swim Trials in June and came to Tokyo as a gold medal favorite.

Once his individual Olympic finals ended in bronze and silver, he reached a breaking point.

“I don’t have the bandwidth to train for the Olympics at a very high level and try to lobby the people who are making the decisions that they’re making the wrong decisions,” he said. “It frustrates me, but I have to swim the field that’s next to me.”

Murphy did not refer to any potential dopers by name or country in his comments. Later, he clarified that it was a conversation with newly appointed FINA Executive Director Brent Nowicki at Trials that made him question the integrity of international swimming.

Murphy says that Nowicki asked him how he thought the sport of swimming could move forward. Murphy replied that the sport needs greater transparency around the organization’s finances and doping policies. According to Murphy, Nowicki then told him, “We are working on it, but it’s going be hard and it’s going to take a long time to clear this sport of doping.”

“When you hear that from the top, that’s tough to hear,” said Murphy on Friday.

In an emailed statement, a spokesperson for FINA said that “FINA worked closely with the International Testing Agency (ITA) to ensure that its out-of-competition testing for Tokyo 2020 has been in line with that for Rio 2016, despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic. And, of course, the aquatics athletes in Tokyo, including all medal winners, are regularly tested.”

The FINA spokesperson also said that the organization was “committed to doing more” to strengthen its anti-doping protocols. A person familiar with the organization said that Nowicki had planned to speak with Murphy about several topics, including doping, once competition wraps up in Tokyo on August 1.

The World Anti-Doping Agency didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Russian Anti-Doping Agency RUSADA said that Rylov was tested three times in 2021.

“As part of the pre-Olympic training, he was prepared and clean,” said Mikhail Bukhanov, RUSADA’s director. “I would like to draw your attention to the fact that our responsibility ends at the moment of completion of the sampling, the athlete’s responsibility for everything that enters his body begins.”

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Build your own damned tunnels.

And not one clear sky was seen (unless painted in…’ll see…)

The Guoliang Tunnel connecting the clifftop village of Guoliang, in China’s Henan province, to the outside world was carved by hand using basic tools like chisels and hammers, and is now referred to as the eight wonder of the world.

For centuries, the people of Guoliang, a small Chinese village perched atop a cliff in the Taihang Mountains, were virtually cut off from the outside world. The only way in and out of the village was the “Sky Ladder,” 720 steps carved into the mountains during the Song Dynasty (960-1279). This made it extremely hard to get things in and out of the village, so most of the 300 or so inhabitants considered moving away in search of a better, easier life. However, everything changed in 1972, when the village council decided to carve a tunnel through the mountains to finally connect Guoliang to the outside world.

“It was a tough life. Commodities from the outside world could not reach the village, and our fresh farm products could not be transported to other places,” 72-year-old villager Song Baoqun told Xinhua. “We had to limit the weight of pigs to 50 or 60 kg; otherwise it would be difficult to carry them down the mountain.”

Guoliang struggled economically because of its isolation, but the toughest challenge by far was getting a sick person to the hospital in time. If someone fell ill, eight people had to carry a stretcher down the mountain using the “Sky Ladder”, and then undertake a four-hour journey to the nearest hospital. Something had to change.

Despite having any experience or engineering knowledge, 13 of the strongest villagers in Guoliang volunteered to start work on the mountain tunnel. Using only rudimentary tools like chisels and hammers, they lowered themselves on the sides of the Taihang Mountains using ropes, and carved into the rock inch by inch. At the most difficult stage, the tunnel progressed at a rate of one meter every three days, but the important thing is no one gave up.

As the tunnel started to take shape, more villagers joined the fray, and within five years the 1,250-meter-lomg Guoliang Tunnel was completed. For the first time ever, the secluded village of Guoliang could be accessed by car, and that changed everything.

“In the past, hungry villagers envied those living on the plains. Now nobody wants to leave this clifftop village. We feel good about our home,” local man Shen Heshan said.

Soon after the impressive hand-carved tunnel was completed, Guoliang went from being a small village virtually no one even knew existed, to a bustling tourist destination. Located at 1,700 meters above sea level, it offers some stunning natural vistas, but it’s the tunnel that attracts most visitors.

Xinhua reported that entrance ticket sales in Guoliang reached 120 million yuan (about 17 million dollars) in 2018, and locals who once struggled to fill their bellies, are now business owners investing in hotels and other amenities for tourists. And it was all because of 13 brave men who proved that nothing is impossible.

Also known as the “Long Corridor in Cliffs”, the Guoliang Tunnel is considered one of the most dangerous roads to drive on, mostly because of how narrow and twisty it is. In reality, though, there is little risk of driving over the edge of the mountain.

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Shamelessly stolen from Knuckledraggin’

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Got something interesting?

Just feel like bitching?

Need to unload?

Have at it in the comments.

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Russian module arrives at space station and all of a sudden its rockets begin to fire?

Sorry, this was staged to see how we’d react.

The International Space Station (ISS) was destabilised after engines of a newly arrived Russian module inadvertently fired up.

“Mission control teams corrected the action and all systems are operating normally,” US space agency Nasa said.

This was done by activating thrusters on other modules of the ISS. An investigation is now under way.

US and Russian officials stressed that the seven crew members aboard the space station were never in any danger.

The malfunction happened three hours after the Nauka module docked with the ISS on Thursday, following an eight-day flight from Earth.

Nasa officials said Nauka’s jets started firing uncommanded at 12:34 EDT (16:45 GMT) “moving the station 45 degrees out of attitude”.

The Russian Zvezda segment and a Progress freighter then responded to push the station back into its correct pointing configuration. The incident was over by 13:29 EDT.

“What we saw today was just an awesome job by the mission control flight teams,” said Joel Montalbano, Nasa’s ISS programme manager.

“Those guys were rock stars again and got us back in attitude control. That also shows you what a robust vehicle we have, and our ability to take these contingencies, recover from them and move on,” he told reporters.

Communications with the ISS crew were lost for two periods, of four minutes and seven minutes, during the incident. However, the US agency said that the astronauts were safe. They “really didn’t feel any movement”, it added.

The mishap forced Nasa and Boeing to push back Friday’s uncrewed test flight of Boeing’s Starliner capsule, a vehicle intended to carry astronauts in the future.

“We wanted to give the ISS programme time to assess what had happened today, to determine the cause and make sure that they were really ready to support the Starliner launch,” explained Steve Stich, the manager of Nasa’s commercial crew programme.

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But since illegals are now a protected class, these fucking vermin will have nothing done to them…..other than given nice hotel rooms, room service, clothes, free cable (in Spanish), and free Dos XXs.

Put me in charge and I’d order them all shot to include their sympathizers.

On July 26 the police department of the small town along the Rio Grande and Mexican border shared details of the incident. They said a concerned citizen at the restaurant waved down the officer. The citizen told him about the family “coughing and sneezing without covering their mouths and not wearing face masks.” Whataburger management also told the officer that they wanted the group to leave as well due to “their disregard to other people’s health.”

In addition to telling the officer that Border Patrol had released them days prior due to their coronavirus status, the family said a charity group had paid for their room at the nearby Texas Inn Hotel. The officer followed up on that information, finding out that Catholic Charities of The Rio Grande Valley had booked all the rooms in the hotel to house undocumented immigrants detained by Border Patrol. He saw a group of 20 to 30 people staying at the hotel who were “out and about.” Most of them weren’t wearing masks, according to the officer.

Police said they learned that Border Patrol was quarantining other undocumented individuals who were COVID positive, or showed symptoms of illness, then handing them over to the non-profit. Catholic Charities would in turn place the undocumented individuals in hotels in the McAllen area as well as La Joya.

The police department said it contacted Hidalgo County Health and Human Services for help and was told that the agency would look into the matter.

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Cuomo begging New Yorkers to return after his policies killed thousands and bankrupted tens of thousands.

I believe those people would tell him to go fuck himself (and I will for the dead.)

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) is begging citizens to return to New York City after more than a year of implementing some of the most stringent restrictions in the country, shattering thousands of businesses, many of which have been unable to recover from the economic turmoil.

Cuomo reportedly made the remarks during a virtual conference call for the Association for a Better New York.

“Remember, we have to get people back and we have to get people back in volume. If you were to see a 15 percent decline of people coming back to New York City, that would have a devastating impact on the commercial market,” Cuomo told attendees, urging employers to require employees to return to the office by Labor Day.

“We need people coming back,” he continued. “Say to your workforce, ‘By Labor Day, everyone is back in the office.’”

“We need that volume to support the restaurants and the shops, the services,” the Democrat governor continued. “It’s not just about your business. It’s about all the spinoff effect economic activity that your workers bring to the surrounding community.”

Cuomo’s plea follows more than a year of implementing some of the most stringent restrictions in the country. New York City’s restaurant industry, particularly, was hit hard, as Cuomo shut down indoor dining in March 2020, only allowing them to reopen at limited capacity months later in September. However, the Democrat governor suspended indoor dining in the Big Apple in December, despite the fact that restaurants were not a primary factor in coronavirus infection rates. Data showed bars and restaurants connected to less than two percent of virus cases in the city in that period of time.

Cuomo announced the loosening of restrictions in time for Valentine’s Day weeks later. But it was too late for many, as thousands of restaurants closed for good as a result of the government’s heavy-handed restrictions.

In January 2021, Cuomo expressed the need to open the economy after more than a year of mandates, identifying the cost as “too high.”

“So let me get this straight..when Republicans have been saying this that means they are science deniers trying to kill people, but when @NYGovCuomo finally says this today then he is a genius who should write another book about his incredible leadership?” New York Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) asked at the time. “Did I get that right?”:

Cuomo’s plea for people to come back to New York City comes as Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) shifts his tone toward unvaccinated Americans with more forceful messaging.

“We’ve got to shake people at this point and say ‘c’mon now.’ We tried voluntary. We could not have been more kind and compassionate as a country. Free testing … incentives, friendly warm embrace — the voluntary phase is over,” de Blasio declared during an appearance on MSNBC this week.

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Remember reading that story about those she-boons in Wal-Mart and how a cop just cold-cocked one of those bitches?

Looks like the cop was justified.

Of course, we all knew it because we saw in the video how the bitch tried to bite him.

He should have smashed her jaw to pieces so that she’d have to suck nutrition for 9 months through a wired-shut jaw.

A white cop in Upstate New York was cleared of wrongdoing after he was filmed punching a black woman in the throat at an East Syracuse Walmart earlier this month.

An internal probe found that officer Rory Spain of the Dewitt Police Department was justified in his use of force when he punched Tyrena Edmonds and knocked her to the floor July 4, according to a News 10 report.

Dewitt PD held a press conference Thursday afternoon to announce the probe’s findings.

Spain, who has been on the force since 2018, was initially placed on administrative leave following the incident. He is set to return to the force next week, but must complete training to review the incident.

The probe found that Edmonds bit Spain more than once prior to Spain punching her in the throat, a move which is a part of officers’ training, according to the Dewitt Police Department.

Spain and several other officers had arrived at the Walmart around 5 p.m. upon receiving a call of a fight between five or six people, with pepper spray involved.

According to Lt. Jerry Pace, employees were threatened and struck in the face, and customers, including children, were pepper-sprayed by two women identified as Edmonds and her sister, Tajenik Byrd, 22.

Video from Spain’s bodycam, of which authorities released 15 minutes on July 8, shows Spain as he enters the Walmart. He heads straight toward Edmunds, 26, who was flanked by several young children at the time.

Pace said that store surveillance captured the initial altercation, and body camera and bystander footage shows the officers struggling to handcuff the women.

Officer Corey Buyck uses his body weight to hold Byrd down on the floor as he puts handcuffs on her. In the footage, her sister is heard telling the officers Byrd is a month pregnant and was ‘jumped.’

As the officers struggle to drag the women out of the store, video shows Spain punching Edmonds in the throat after she apparently tries to bite his arm.

News Channel 9’s Josh Martin tweeted that Dewitt PD determined that Spain was justified for his use of force, after he ‘defended (him)self (with) a right to act’ following being bitten by Edmunds.

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“The Squad” vows to sleep outdoors if the eviction moratorium is allowed to expire.

1. I’d love to see the cops tied in ideological knots about how to remove these cnuts because if they’re allowed then any American should be allowed to do so
2. I’m betting that if it’s too hot they’ll have portable air conditioners brought in or if too cold, heater.

Given they’re all prima-donnas the tent will need to be circus-sized to accommodate their change of clothes, bedwear, make-up, electronic devices (let’s not forget gen-sets to power it all.)

Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) said Friday night that she would sleep outside the US Capitol in an effort to persuade Congress to extend the nationwide moratorium on evictions set to expire Saturday.

“Many of my Democratic colleagues chose to go on vacation early today rather than staying to vote to keep people in their homes,” Bush tweeted. “I’ll be sleeping outside the Capitol tonight. We’ve still got work to do.”

Bush, 45, who experienced a period of homelessness nearly two decades ago, sent a letter to her colleagues earlier Friday calling on them to stay in Washington DC a little longer before starting their August recess to pass an extension to the moratorium.

“I’m urging you to please hear me out on this issue because as a formerly unhoused Congresswoman, I have been evicted three times myself,” she wrote. “I know what it’s like to be forced to live in my car with my two children. Now that I am a member of Congress, I refuse to stand by while millions of people are vulnerable to experiencing that same trauma that I did.”

In a separate letter later Friday, Bush invited her colleagues to join her “in solidarity” outside the Capitol.

“[W]e must reconvene to protect people from violent evictions during an deadly pandemic …,” she said. “We need to get this done, and we must not let up.”

While some supporters praised Bush for the campout on Twitter, others called the congresswoman out for what they saw as a publicity stunt.

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But of course, my ox would be gored if it was against Trump but it ain’t so fuck those thin-skinned assholes.

Outside of William Vitalec’s front door in Grapevine, a small, floppy-eared, ornamental puppy stands sentry. A bone hangs loosely from its mouth with the word “Welcome” printed on it.

But Vitalec’s other lawn decorations, according to some neighbors — and the city of Grapevine — are anything but welcoming.

The centerpiece is a large banner with a four-letter expletive directed toward President Joe Biden in a thick, bold type. Right below, the same expletive is directed toward those who voted for him. A more artistic —and potentially more problematic — banner sits to the left. The first three letters of the same word, which starts with ‘f,’ are formed by handguns. The ‘k’ is represented by an M-16-style assault rifle.

That banner targets both Biden and contains a sexist slur that rhymes with “Joe,” presumably referring to Vice President Kamala Harris. Two smaller banners, both with the same message as the first, sit on either side of the large flags.

The signs are hard to miss on the well-traveled street where Vitalec’s house sits, between Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Grapevine and Northwest Highway. A church and preschool are about 350 yards away from Vitalec’s home. About a half-mile away is Cannon Elementary School.

Despite the abrasive messages of his banner, Vitalec said the reaction he’s gotten from neighbors and passersby has been “99% positive,” apart from one man who threatened him physically. Others have cursed Vitalec out for the banners, which he said he found ironic.

“You can’t please them all,” Vitalec said.

Similar signs have popped up across the country.

In New Jersey, a municipal judge ordered a woman to remove anti-Biden messages similar to the ones displayed in front of Vitalec’s home or face fines of $250 per day, The New York Times reported. A state court ruled this week that she can keep the banners. Similar fights have played out in Indiana, Tennessee, Connecticut and Florida, The Times reported.

Vitalec, who said he is a Navy veteran, said he was prompted to place the banners about a month ago because of Biden’s “belief in communism and socialism” (Biden has denounced both) and Harris’ belief that the “military is entitled.” (She has said no such thing).

Reactions from neighbors ranged from indifferent to indignant.

Phyllis Rodriguez, who lives one street behind Vitalec, said she can’t help but laugh at the banners — there seems to be a new one every time she passes the house. But it’s a bit ridiculous, Rodriguez said, that anybody can still so passionately hate a man who was elected president nearly nine months ago.

“Everything’s done and over with,” she said. “Why are we still doing this?”

Michael Gardner is tired of the banners.

Gardner, who is visually impaired, often walks to the Tom Thumb across from Vitalec’s house with his two young daughters, who accompany him so he doesn’t get hit by a car while walking to the store. They see the banners every time, Gardner said.

“I’m all for free speech, but it’s pretty upsetting to have my kids looking at it,” he said.

Marilyn Wood, who wrote to The Morning News, said her newly reading 5-year-old granddaughter sounded out the banners as they drove by. The girl had some trouble pronouncing the president’s name, the reader said, but no issue at all saying the first word.

The word on Vitalec’s banner is one of the most versatile in the English language. It’s also protected by U.S. Supreme Court precedent. In 1971, the Court ruled in Cohen v. California that the display of the word is protected free speech.

Because of that precedent, the Grapevine Police Department said its hands are tied, even though they’ve received several complaints.

“We understand the banner may be upsetting, but our actions are limited by the Court,” police spokeswoman Amanda McNew said in a statement.

In a statement that stopped just short of calling Vitalec a bad neighbor, a spokeswoman for the city of Grapevine said other Supreme Court cases keep them from taking action as well.

“We share the sentiment that the profane language on the sign is inappropriate and objectionable,” Mona Quintanilla said. But Reed v. Town of Gilbert, a 2015 Supreme Court case which said municipalities can’t place content-based restrictions on signs or banners, leaves the city “hamstrung in its ability to address the offensive profanity on the sign.”

“The City of Grapevine takes pride in the fabric of its neighborhoods and works diligently to protect them,” Quintanilla said. “We would hope that the spirit of decorum and neighborhood friendliness would prevail. However, to date, the property owner has not relented even in response to objections.”

In the midst of surging Delta COVID-19 cases in Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott on Thursday issued a wide-ranging executive order that doubles down on his personal responsibility mantra. The new order scuttles mask mandates, mitigation moves by counties with high hospitalizations. It also outlaws vaccine requirements by public, some private entities.

Those court cases haven’t stopped other municipalities and law-enforcement agencies from trying — and failing — to punish people for displaying obscene messages. In 2019, a Florida man was arrested on obscenity and resisting charges for refusing to remove a decal from his truck about a sex act. The charges were later dropped, and the man was heralded as a hero of the First Amendment.

Vitalec said he has no plans of taking down the signs any time soon.

“I should be able to express how I feel,” he said. “I think there’s too much ‘us against them’ type stuff. We all live in the same country, so we should all learn to get along together.”

Does he think his banners are a good starting point for getting along?

“Maybe,” he said. “Maybe not.”

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Is it any wonder that when we see headlines like these we’re reminded of the “Boy Who Cried Wolf?”



Guy who beheaded his wife arrested.

Minnesota police officers made a grisly discovery when they responded to a report of a stabbing incident on Wednesday afternoon, locating a woman’s decapitated body in Shakopee, about 25 miles south of Minneapolis, according to police and local news reports.

America Mafalda Thayer, 55, was pronounced dead at the scene of stab wounds. Alexis Saborit, a 42-year-old man who police say knew the victim, was apprehended at the scene on suspicion of second-degree murder.

Police officers found the decapitated body and head lying next to a vehicle when they arrived, as well as a large knife, shirt, and bloody shoes in a nearby trashcan, according to an affidavit obtained by KTSP.

“I thought I saw a body on the pavement, but I wasn’t overly sure,” Carrol Erath, who lives nearby the scene, told the local news outlet. “It’s shocking, I just couldn’t believe somebody would be so brutal to somebody else.”

Investigators believe that Saborit knew Thayer and it wasn’t a random attack, Shakopee police said. Saborit is being held at Scott County Jail as of Thursday evening.

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Shithead kid jumps from 8th floor of popular tourist destination in NYC.

Goes splat.

Owner to close facility.

So now thousands of sane tourists will be deprived the opportunity to pay money to enjoy the sculpture.

A popular tourist attraction in New York City may shut down for good after a 14-year-old boy leapt to his death on Thursday—while his loved ones apparently looked on.

Police say the teen jumped from the eighth story of the Vessel sculpture in New York City’s Hudson Yards shortly before 1 p.m. The boy, who has not yet been identified, was pronounced dead at the scene, police told the New York Daily News.

Stephen Ross, the billionaire chairman of The Related Companies, the global real-estate firm that is behind Hudson Yards, says the development’s marquee art installation might close for good following the latest suicide.

“We thought we did everything that would really prevent this,” Ross told The Daily Beast. “It’s hard to really fathom how something like that could happen. But you know, I feel terrible for the family.”

Some community leaders say that Related could have done more.

“For Related to claim they did everything possible here is just not true,” said Lowell Kern, chair of Manhattan Community Board 4, which operates in parts of western Manhattan, including Hudson Yards. “They could have raised the height of the barriers, and that would have prevented this tragedy. For reasons unknown to us they decided not to do that.”

The teen who died Thursday is the fourth person to take their own life at the structure since it opened to much fanfare in March 2019.

Within less than a year, a 19-year-old New Jersey man plunged to his death from the top of the structure in front of a crowd of tourists. Two more suicides soon followed, one in late 2020 and another in January 2021.

The structure was consequently shuttered temporarily before reopening in the spring with several new rules in place meant to prevent any further suicides. In addition to additional security staff, Hudson Yards developer Related touted “enhanced guest engagement and screening procedures to detect high-risk behaviors” among visitors.

Visitors were also required to come in groups of at least two, a move which Related said “significantly enhances the safety of the experience.”

Ross said the teen was visiting with four other members of his family.

“A family of five doesn’t fit any profile,” he said.

Lone individuals were not allowed up, Ross noted, and staff were positioned on multiple levels to look for individuals showing signs of distress.

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Ask them this simple question: who was the first slave owner in Virginia?

Watch them twist themselves into pretzels trying to justify the correct answer.

There has been a growing belief in progressive circles of the 1619 Project ilk, that all Jews are of European decent and all Europeans who came to the Americas owned African slaves.

It’s not based on history. There is no basis for this belief other than desire to believe it is true. Racial justification is based on an old hatred that alters form while remaining hatred. Jews, as historical records prove, are not of European origin and most haven no lineage in Europe, but that does not stop them from being classified as white by those who are inclined to base things on race.

So let’s look at some authentic New World history to set the record straight.

In 1619, shortly after the first laws were passed by representative government in Virginia, the English privateer ship, The White Lion, arrived in Virginia with what was noted as ‘twenty and some odd Angolans.’ The number is believed to be closer to thirty. They had been taken from a Portuguese ship which had intended to take them to Mexico to be sold as slaves.

Upon arriving in Virginia, the Angolans were traded for supplies and became indentured servants. They became this, along with many whites in the colony, as there was no law allowing for slavery. Indentured servitude was the standard for the British, which was harsh and resulted in shortened life spans. Most, regardless of origin, did not survive their contracts, but none were held beyond what the contract allowed without violation of the law.

One of the Angolans was a man named John Gaeween, who changed his name to Gowen. He was the first to be free of the contract, since he saved up the money he needed to pay for his freedom.

Following his freedom, he married Margaret Cornish, who was born somewhere in England, but the exact location is not known. What is known is that she was a white woman who violated no law and did not marry in secret. Leftist revisionist historians of today have claimed that the colonists’ had an obsession with race. But there are no historical facts to support it, since there were no laws based on race.

The Angolan-born John Gowen arrived at a time when no one cared about race in Virginia. Mixed marriages and children had already been happening with the local tribes with no negative societal impact of any kind. The only thing the Virginians cared about was whether a person was Christian.

John Gowan’s occupation, according to, an invaluable resource for those interested in genealogy, was, “a magistrate, auditing and ruling over smaller filings. In York County, in his later years, John judged Europeans and Africans alike until his death.” In other words, he was a judge who ruled over people equally under the law.

Anthony Johnson, another Angolan born indentured servant, was brought to Virginia two years after John Gowan, and served out the entirety of his contract before becoming a successful and wealthy farmer. Being born in Angola had no bearing on his achievements that would come later in his life.

As the owner of a farm, he had indentured servants work the crops. Among those indentured servants was the African-born, (country of origin unknown), John Casor. After the expiration of the contract, Johnson refused to give Casor his earned freedom.

The case was taken to court and initially ruled in favor of Casor. Casor indentured himself to another farmer and the entire matter should have been settled. The same judge, a year later in 1655, reversed his own ruling to enable Johnson to become the owner of Casor for life without a single law to support the ruling. Slavery had not been added into the laws of Virginia and Casor more than fulfilled his contract.

It was not until 1662 that a law was passed to enslave people based on the status of their mothers, over four decades after the first Africans arrived in Virginia.

WHEREAS some doubts have arrisen whether children got by any Englishman upon a negro woman should be slave or ffree, Be it therefore enacted and declared by this present grand assembly, that all children borne in this country shalbe held bond or free only according to the condition of the mother, And that if any christian shall committ ffornication with a negro man or woman, hee or shee so offending shall pay double the ffines imposed by the former act.

With genetic lineage the basis, slavery soon became racial, and eventually led to eugenics.

Eugenics fell out of fashion following the end of WWII, but never fully let go. Today, rather than have the white race superior to all, which was the belief of the eugenicists of the past, eugenicists today put other races on the top and it is white people who sit at the bottom with the Jews included, in part, through the erroneous belief that all Jews are of European descent.

Now history has been bastardized with critical race theory, and with it comes an attempt to return to eugenics by another name. Eugenics brought about the rebirth of the Klan in the United States before reaching its full ugliness in Germany. There were increased attacks on Jews and blacks in the United States as institutions, such as segregation, were put into place.

This current round of eugenics is in some ways worse than the original that swept through the Europe and the United States. People are branded racists from birth in the new incarnation, with no redemption possible. Those who push the CRT narrative, complete with distorted history and happen to be white, are effectively saying that they are racists with the expectation that everyone is just as racist as they are. It’s nonsense. Children are not born racist, and those who become racists learn it over time.

History should be taught as it happened, not as it was perceived to be. The United States is new enough to have many documents still intact from the colonial days. We know when the laws were written which legalized slavery and textbooks should reflect the facts of who the colonialists were from the first generation on to show the changing attitudes that did come to impact every colony.

John Gowen lived a remarkable life in Virginia. His story is being ignored amounts to a sorry erasure of what he did. His accomplishments, including that of becoming a judge, show just how truly little the first settlers cared about race and how much they valued the equality of the law. It also shows just how wrong the current crop of CRT enthusiasts have become.

The case of John Casor is truly egregious. To claim slavery started in 1619 is to take away his story, which should be known. For the first time in the colonies, a man was enslaved without violating a single law. His name should be known, and his story taught in every school in the United States.

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Why? They had 235 cases of Kung Flu.

That’s right! 235 out of 10,000,000.

That’s 0.0000235% of all the people there.

For that they sent in the fucking MILITARY!!!

Despite being locked down for nearly a month now, Sydney has just reported a record one-day rise in local COVID cases on Thursday as public health authorities warned that the outbreak would likely worsen, inspiring them to once again turn to the Australian military for help.

According to Reuters, Sydney, Australia’s most populous city, has struggled to contain an outbreak of the highly infectious Delta variant with another economy-crippling lockdown. Instead, cases have continued to move higher, leading public health authorities to double down on their efforts to protect against a broader outbreak of the delta variant, believed to be far more infectious than other strains.

But that didn’t stop authorities from counting 239 locally transmitted cases in the past 24 hours, the biggest daily increase for Sydney since the pandemic began. We should note that Australia’s COVID issue has never really been all that bad: nationwide, the country of 26MM has counted fewer than 1,000 deaths since the start of the pandemic, a far lower rate.

“We can only assume that things are likely to get worse before they get better given the quantity of people infectious in the community,” said New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian told reporters in Sydney.

Berejiklian said one more person had died from COVID-19, taking the death toll from the current outbreak to 13, while the national death toll rose to 921.

Unfortunately for Berejiklian, who has emerged as a kind of villain for the small business owners and restaurateurs who fear they’re about to be crushed by a “double dip” recession, the Australian military is probably better at twerking than fighting viruses.

But that won’t stop her from calling in the military to help enforce an even more restrictive lockdown that will now be imposed on the southern and

With little sign that recent restrictions are reducing case numbers, Berejiklian said new curbs would be imposed on the southwestern and western parts of Sydney where the majority of COVID-19 cases are being found.

The more than 2MM residents living in eight Sydney “hotspots” will now be forced to wear masks outdoors and must stay within 5 km (3 miles) of their homes at all times. These tighter restrictions are set to begin on Friday, and the NSW Police have requested 300 military personnel to help enforce the lockdown orders, whether that’s by handing out fines, or ensuring that those under the most restrictive quarantine orders don’t violate them.


And we’re supposed to believe this isn’t about control?

Read this then:

In Britain, Graham Brady, Chairman of the Tory 1922 Committee and member of Parliament, has written an op-ed for the Daily Mail where he made it very clear that the purpose of the lockdowns is to impose social control — not to reduce COVID. He has pointed out that this is approaching what is known as Stockholm Syndrome, where the greater the control to which people are subjected, the greater the dependence people develop. I have been warning about this because this is the precise talk behind the curtain. Brady has the courage to come out, and the Daily Mail has the courage to let him speak. For months, there are those in various governments who KNOW what is really going on but have been afraid to come out and speak.

This new period of a dark era that our computer has been projecting for August-October 2021 is shaping up as an all-out assault on the UNVACCINATED. This is likely to result in a continued rise in civil unrest, and it is becoming a real battle for freedom. Pension funds need 8% to break even generally. The problem with those in government is that they are COMPLETELY incompetent to manage the economy, no less intervening in it to stabilize anything. By lowering interest rates to NEGATIVE in 2014 in Europe, they NEVER considered that under their Socialist policies, pension funds are mandated to buy government bonds. They have recently wiped out pension funds and know they are on the brink of financial disaster, for the ECB cannot raise interest rates either without blowing up the member state budgets. They never see that lowering interest rates to negative will have a ripple effect throughout everything else.

Schwab is preaching to destroy capitalism as we know it and “BUILD BACK BETTER,” which means you first have to destroy it in order to build it back better. Because of this view of climate change, they want to end commuting to work and imprison us in our homes — hence lockdowns.

Anyone who dares to connect the dots is labeled “conspiracy theorist,” so they NEVER have to address the issue. All of these events are just coincidental, and there is, according to mainstream media, absolutely no connection and no agenda. The New York Times even declared the “Great Rest” was a conspiracy theory. The mainstream media is promoting the destruction of capitalism and our way of life. They have already made that judgment. The comedian Bill Burr calls CNN the “America-hating blowhards,” for they have become so against the people it is mindblowing.

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That’s what we have here with Bite-Me inviting a (c)rapper, a food blogger (!!!!) and some asshole from the Obongo Regime to discuss Cuba.

I shit you now.

It’s the blind leading the blind.

None of this addresses what’s going on in Cuba. It’s nothing more than feel-good bullshit for the pablum eating morons called liberals.

The administration of President Joe Biden has invited a prominent Cuban rapper, a food blogger turned left-wing policy activist, and a former staffer for President Barack Obama to a meeting on Friday to discuss the ongoing repression of dissidents in Cuba.

The White House previewed the guestlist for the event, scheduled for Friday afternoon, to the Associated Press on Thursday. The meeting followed a virtual discussion Biden hosted last week with Cuban-American celebrities Gloria Estefan and Andy García, among others, on the issue.

“The White House did not provide more details, only saying that new sanctions will be discussed as well as ways to establish internet access for the Cuban people,” the AP reported.

Protests erupted nationwide in Cuba on July 11 demanding an end to the Communist Party’s rule of the island, which began in 1959. The protests consisted almost entirely of peaceful marches and assemblies in every major city of the country and featured attendees clearly chanting “freedom!” and other anti-communist slogans. The Castro regime responded to the protests with overwhelming violence, including opening fire on unarmed protesters, publicly beating individuals believed to be participating in protests, and allegedly torturing and sexually assaulting those imprisoned.

Human rights activists and members of the Cuban exile community have urged Biden to take action against the regime through sanctions, weapons aid, or restoring internet access to Cuban users after the Castro regime shut it down. Republican lawmakers – many of them representing large Cuban-American populations – have also requested a meeting with the president to discuss moving forward with policies to aid the dissidents. Biden responded by organizing the Estefan Zoom meeting and sanctioning one Cuban official who predecessor Donald Trump had already sanctioned, a move panned as “symbolic but meaningless.”

Biden’s meeting Friday will reportedly focus on restoring internet to the island to allow Cubans to share videos of police brutality and other real-time oppression by the Castro regime. At the top of the AP’s invite list is music artist Yotuel Romero, formerly of the rap group Orishas. Romero is one of several Cuban artists behind the hit single “Patria y Vida,” released this February as a protest anthem against the regime. The song’s title, which translates to “Fatherland and Life,” is an inversion of the Communist Party slogan patria o muerte, meaning “fatherland or death.”

Patria y vida has become a rallying cry and representative slogan of the protest movement in Cuba and the diaspora.

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Images of the Andromeda Galaxy:

A stunning new radio image of the closest galaxy to the Milky Way — Andromeda — has let scientists learn what part of our galactic neighbor stars are born in.

The image, published at the microwave frequency of 6.6 GHz, was made possible by Sardinia Radio Telescope, a 64-meter telescope that can operate at high radio frequencies.

‘This image will allow us to study the structure of Andromeda and its content in more detail than has ever been possible,’ said the study’s lead author, University of British Columbia physicist Sofia Fatigoni, in a statement.

‘Understanding the nature of physical processes that take place inside Andromeda allows us to understand what happens in our own galaxy more clearly—as if we were looking at ourselves from the outside.’

The researchers spent 66 hours observing the galaxy with the telescope and from that data, were able to estimate the rate of formation in the galaxy and highlight the region where they are born.

‘In particular, we were able to determine the fraction of emissions due to thermal processes related to the early stations of new star formation, and the fraction of radio signals attributable to non-thermal mechanisms due to cosmic rays that spiral in the magnetic field present in the interstellar medium,’ Fatigoni added.

The researchers were able to make a map because they were in the frequency range between one GHz to 22 GHz.

Although the emissions of the galaxy are faint in this range, this is the only range where certain features are visible, allowing the researchers to create a map.

Upon creating the map, the scientists identified about 100 points, including stars, galaxies and other objects in the background of Andromeda.

‘By combining this new image with those previously acquired, we have made significant steps forward in clarifying the nature of Andromeda’s microwave emissions and allowing us to distinguish physical processes that occur in different regions of the galaxy,’ said Dr. Elia Battistelli, a professor in the department of physics at Sapienza and coordinator of the study.

The study was recently was published in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

In August 2020, the Hubble Space Telescope mapped the giant halo of gas enveloping the Andromeda galaxy for the first time.

The Andromeda galaxy, also known as M31, is a majestic spiral of around 1 trillion stars and is comparable in size to the Milky Way.

It is roughly 10 billion years old, and sits about 2.5 million light-years from the Milky Way – so close it appears as a cigar-shaped smudge of light high in the autumn sky.

In approximately 4.5 billion years, Andromeda is predicted to collide with the Milky Way galaxy.

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It’s time we re-enacted the Battle of Jaffa to clear our country of illegals and ragheads:

This week in history witnessed a small band of Christian knights terrify and brutally defeat a massive horde of Muslims — at the battle of Jaffa.

On July 27, 1192, Saladin, the great hero sultan of Islam, surrounded and besieged the tiny Christian-held town of Jaffa. According to chroniclers, the Muslims numbered around 20,000 and “covered the face of the earth like locusts.”

Messengers were instantly dispatched to King Richard I, who was then in Acre, preparing to sail back to England. Before the battered and bruised messengers had finished relaying their message, “With God as my guide,” Richard declared, “I will set out to do what I can,” and instantly disembarked on his fleet with slightly over 2,000 fighters.

Meanwhile, Jaffa was fighting for its life. According to Saladin’s confidant and court historian, Baha’ al-Din, after one of its walls collapsed, all the Muslims rushed into the city, “and there was not an enemy heart that did not tremble and shake.” Even so, the Christians “were more fierce and determined in the fight and more eager for and devoted to death.”

When the main gate was finally battered down and an adjoining wall collapsed from the bombardment, a “cloud of dust and smoke went up and darkened the sky.” Once it cleared, the Muslims saw that “spear-points had replaced the walls and lances had blocked the breach.” Only death would release the crusaders of their charge to defend Jaffa.

Due to the great masses of rushing Muslims, the garrison was eventually driven to and holed up in the citadel, even as the sackers turned their attention to Jaffa’s civilian populace: “Alas for the pitiful slaughter of the sick!” recalls the chronicler. “They lay weakly on couches everywhere in the houses of the city; the Turks tortured them to death in horrible ways.”

Due to contrary winds, Richard’s fleets finally arrived on the evening of July 31, but did not disembark. As Baha’ al-Din explains, the crusaders “saw the town crammed with the Muslims’ banners and men and they feared that the citadel might have already been taken. The sea prevented their hearing the shouts that came from everywhere and the great commotion and cries of ‘There is no god but Allah’ and ‘Allahu Akbar.’”

To make matters worse, “When the Turks saw the king’s galleys and ships approaching, masses of them ran on to the shore,” writes the chronicler, “raining down spears, javelins, darts and arrows densely so that they would have nowhere free to land. The shore was seething, so covered with crowds of the enemy that there was no empty space left.”

Then, on the morning of August 1, a fighting priest took his chances: he jumped out of the citadel’s window, into the sea, and swam to the fleets. On learning that, although the “Saracens had taken the castle and were rounding up the Christians as prisoners,” a remnant of the garrison was still holding out, Richard exclaimed that, “If it so please God… we should die here with our brothers.”

Without donning his full armor, the king “armed himself with his hauberk, hung his shield at his neck and took a Danish axe in his hand.” With his crossbow in the other hand — and crying “death only to those who do not advance!” — he hurled himself into the water “and forced himself powerfully on to dry land,” all while firing his crossbow at the wild throng assembled along the shore and swiping incoming arrows away with his axe.

Instantly, the rest of the crusaders followed their king; they hurled themselves into the water and “boldly attacked the Turks who obstinately opposed them on the shore.” Before long, and “at the sight of the king,” whom the Muslims dreaded from earlier encounters, none of them “dare[d] approach him.” Rather, they fled down the shore. The chronicle has the rest:

Brandishing his bared sword, the king followed in such hot pursuit that none of them had time to defend themselves. They fled from his weighty blows. In the same way the king’s comrades constantly assailed the fugitives, driving them on, crushing, rending, beheading and tossing them about until all the Turks had been violently expelled from the shore and left it empty… The king fell on them with unsheathed sword, pursued them, beheaded and slew them. They fled before him, falling back in dense crowds to his right and left.

Once Richard, drenched in Muslim blood, became visible to Saladin’s entourage, “a horrible howl went up,” even as another hail of Turkic arrows rained on the Christians. Undeterred, their berserker king continued to “cut to pieces all he met without distinction” in his mad dash to Saladin, prompting the latter to flee “like a frightened hare… [H]e put spur to horse and fled before King Richard, not wishing to be seen by him… The king and his fellow-knights steadfastly pursued him, continually slaying and unhorsing… for more than two miles.”

It was a disorderly retreat — everywhere plunder was seen hurled aside — and rout of the most ignoble kind; and it was the most humiliating defeat Saladin suffered.

Indeed, due to his exploits at Jaffa and elsewhere, it is the name of Richard Lionheart that, in the popular Muslim consciousness till this very day, most personifies the archetypal crusader enemy — a testimony to the havoc he wrought singlehandedly.

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Shamelessly stolen from Knuckledraggin’

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Got something interesting?

Just feel like bitching?

Need to unload?

Have at it in the comments.

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… fucked that doctors are demoted for not sucked #BurnLootMurder ass…..even if they’re half-black themselves.

Since when does adherance to an ideology that is NOT law become mandatory for holding a job?

A Harvard-educated biracial doctor filed a complaint with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) last month. Her complaint revolved around a demotion she received after her personal opinions became known about the Black Lives Matter movement. She is now taking legal action against the hospital.

Dr. Tara Gustilo was the chairwoman of the OB-GYN department for the Hennepin Healthcare System in Minneapolis before she was demoted. Social media posts where she was critical of the rhetoric of Black Lives Matter and of critical race theory apparently caused her to be canceled by her employer. She dared to speak out against leftists and now she must be punished. She specifically objected to a hospital policy of racially segregated care – black caregivers assigned to black patients. She called it a shift from an emphasis on multicultural care to segregated care of patients. ‘Why would people who claim to fight racism want segregation?’ Gustilo says. Good question.

Up until she insulted the delicate leftists with whom she worked, Gustilo’s reputation and work history were stellar.

The complaint says that she was removed from her position despite rave job performance reviews during her six-year stint as head of a 32-person team.

‘Under my leadership, my department improved my patient satisfaction scores and connected our hospital’s diverse population with the care that they needed,’ Gustilo says in the complaint.

She received ‘one of the highest patient satisfaction ratings of all the doctors at Hennepin Healthcare and in the nation.’

Like many of us, Gustilo criticized ‘anti-racist’ training, claiming that it was ‘actually teaching racism.’ One look at any public school’s assignments on CRT shows that the goal is to demonize white people and divide students according to race. She posted her opinion on Facebook last September.

‘Why are we not teaching that judging by immutable qualities is ridiculous,’ she wrote in one Facebook post dated September 25, 2020.

‘Instead, the approach being promoted is to teach that because a person is white, they are necessarily racist and privileged.’

‘Isn’t this the type of thinking we are trying to eradicate?’

As mentioned above, Dr. Gustilo is biracial, as are her children. She’s got skin in the game, so to speak. That she goes against her more woke peers is what landed her in hot water. There is no room for diverse thoughts or personal opinions among those who put diversity above all else. She points to an objection she had in the wording of a letter of support after George Floyd’s death. This move so unraveled her colleagues that she was accused of having a mental meltdown, among other claims.

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