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Dead People Don’t Move and Breath

Buffalo doctor pronounces a man dead but family says he still was alive and continually calls doctor to check him.   Even though doctor comes into room, he refuses to spend 10 seconds to check the man.  Corner comes in and says man is still alive but doctor and nurses still will not check him.  Wife finally gets doctor to look at throbbing vein (pulse) in man’s neck to convince doctor her husband is alive.  Unfortunately too much time has elapsed and man dies.

He was legally dead but dead men don’t breathe. Or follow you with their eyes. Or squeeze their wife’s hands.

But for two hours and 40 minutes after Michael Cleveland was pronounced deceased at a hospital in suburban Buffalo, on Oct. 10, 2014, his grieving family members watched signs of life flicker over the 46-year-old’s body, according to newly filed documents in the family’s lawsuit. His tongue tried to push out the endotracheal tube snaked down his throat. His chest continued to rise with air. His knees bent and straightened on the gurney.

When Cleveland’s wife, Tammy, his 13-year-old son Ellis, and other family members pressed Gregory Perry, a young emergency room physician, to recheck the patient, the doctor said no, according to the suit. The man’s chest was only moving because he had a lot of air to expel, he said. Cleveland, felled by a heart attack, continued to stir. Even the Niagara County coroner dispatched to the DeGraff Memorial Hospital to collect the body was unnerved by the man’s state.

“Dead people don’t move,” the coroner protested to the doctor and nurses at the hospital. “He needs to go in there and check his pulse,” he recounted in a deposition.

Finally, Tammy drew Perry’s attention to a vein throbbing on her husband’s neck, she said told the court. “Look, that’s a pulse.”

“Oh my God,” the doctor relented. “He’s alive.”

“No s—,” Cleveland’s wife said. “I’ve been telling you that for hours.”

Unfortunately, Cleveland would not make it, succumbing hours later after being transferred to a larger hospital, Buffalo General Medical Center.

As The Washington Post reported in October 2015, the death resulted in a negligence lawsuit against the doctors and medical providers involved. The defendants — including Perry and DeGraff Memorial’s operator Kaleida Health, among others — have since argued in court filings they acted by accepted medical care standards.


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$159,000 will buy you a nice one.

In Alaska.

In the boondocks.

Lots of pics at link.

The ultimate survivalists’ cabin – complete with backup generators, solar panels and store rooms – has gone on sale for $159,000.

Located deep in the Alaskan wilderness, the home comes with 7.6 acres of prime fishing and hunting land and is blissfully isolated.

It is 75 miles from the nearest road and surrounded by dense forest.

The nearest town, Skwentna, has a population of just 37.

Current owner Kevin Cross bought the 1,250-square-foot, two-bedroom, two-bath doomsday cabin from a military veteran six years ago as the perfect getaway for his friends and family.

But the previous owner had spent thousands of hours crafting the ideal home to prepare for the end of the world.

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Here’s the headline: Couple rescued from remote deserted island after writing massive HELP sign in the sand

1. the “help” sign was tiny
2. the experience was “terrifying”
3. they were rescued after 8 hours

A SHIPWRECKED couple stranded on a deserted island were saved after scrawling a massive HELP sign in the sand.

The hapless pair were stranded among the Percy Islands off the coast of Queensland, Australia, during an ill-fated fishing trip.

At around 1am on Tuesday a freak storm overwhelmed their dinghy as five-metre high waves rained down upon them, sending them flying into rocks.

The couple dragged themselves out of the water and onto the beach, where they were forced to spend the night.

They scrawled a giant ‘HELP’ sign on the beach and in the morning they set off their emergency beacon.

Rescue air crewman Quinton Rethus said the helicopter crew was about 20km from the island when they picked up the distress signal and were able to pinpoint the exact location of the beacon thanks to their handmade SOS plea.

The couple were airlifted to safety after spending a total of eight terrifying hours on Ahe Island, 100km south of Mackay.

Writing on Facebook, the rescue team said: “RACQ CQ Rescue today airlifted two unlucky boaties who spent a very wet and uncomfortable night camped on a remote beach after their boat smashed into rocks in a freak storm.”

“RACQ CQ Rescue was tasked just after 10am Wednesday to search for an emergency beacon that had been activated in the vicinity of Avoid Island.

“Our crew found the very relieved couple waving from the beach and could clearly see where they had written ‘HELP’ in huge letters in the sand.”

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Buy the oldest home in America, that is.

I wouldn’t. The laws to maintain those would bankrupt you.

Lots of pics at link.

The oldest standing log cabin the US – including George Washington-era artifacts – has been put on sale for $2.9 million.

Nothnagle Log House was built around 1640 by Finnish settlers in the New Sweden Colony along the Delaware.

The territory was taken over by the Dutch in 1655, but the magnificent 375-year-old oak cabin still stands in what is now New Jersey.

It is owned and operated as a tour site by Harry Rink, 88, and his wife Doris, 75, of Greenwich Township.

They are now looking for a buyer willing to accept their unique demands. The new owner would manage the property, but Harry and Doris would continue living in it and hosting their free tours.

The couple decided on this after having a discussion about what might happen to the house if they die.

Christina Huang, the realtor who listed the property, added: ‘Because of all the artifacts and antiques that come with the house, it is probably worth well over $2.9 million,’ pointing to furniture, clothing and other collectibles from the 17th and 18th centuries.

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