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BBC’s “Doctor Who.”

Used to be very good when they stayed “science fiction-y.”

Now the Doctor’s a front-hole who is meddling in our Civil Rights era:

Doctor Who is taking on racism with a new episode starring civil rights heroine Rosa Parks.

Time Lord Jodie Whittaker and her three assistants will set off to the Deep South in the third installment of the cult BBC show.

Parks famously refused to give up her bus seat to a white man in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1955, sparking the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

The courageous act led the African-American activist to be hailed as ‘the first lady of civil rights’ by the US Congress.

A letter she wrote in describing the 1957 bombing of her neighbour’s home was recently auctioned off for more than £7,000 in New York.

Vera Drake star Vinette Robinson will takes on the role of Parks in the episode titled ‘Rosa’, which was written by acclaimed author Malorie Blackman.

It is rumoured to have been filmed in South Africa, like the second episode ‘The Ghost Monument’ to be aired tonight.

Whittaker was the first woman to ever be cast as Doctor Who.

While many praised the BBC and the show’s writers for choosing a female actress, others slammed the decision as ‘political correctness gone mad’.

‘Rosa’ will be aired on October 21 at 6.55pm in the UK and at 8pm in the US.

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Tweaker slams back a dose of meth and decides her life would not be complete until she gets gassed up.

So she shoves a gas pump nozzle up her ass and squeezes the handle.

The world is now a better place.

I just feel sorry for the EMTs that had to deal with her and with her family (assuming they’re not tweakers themselves) for the shame she brought on them.

A 32-year old Erie, Pennsylvania woman has been killed after an overdose on meth caused her to insert a gas pump nozzle into her anus and begin pumping gasoline.

The woman, who is yet to be formally identified by authorities, is believed to have a record for multiple drug offences in Pennsylvania. Officials who are involved in the investigation believe the latest incident was caused by the woman overdosing on meth.

“The victim has been known to abuse multiple substances, but her drug of choice is meth,” said one investigator. According to witnesses, the woman ran across several lanes of traffic to the gas station and grabbed a pump nozzle before pulling down her skirt.

Horrified motorists looked on as the woman proceeded to shove the nozzle into her anus and begin pumping gas. “Oh that feels good!” she is said to have called out to the onlookers, who were too shocked to attempt to stop her.

The woman continued to pump gas until the cashier activated the emergency stop. She later collapsed onto the ground and paramedics were soon on the scene to provide assistance. However, the gasoline had flooded the woman’s internal organs after it was absorbed through her rectum.

“The gasoline entered her bloodstream and had a toxic effect, shutting down her key organs,” said one doctor who tried in vain to treat the woman when she arrived at hospital. “Unfortunately there was nothing we could do for her.”


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Lest anyone think Zuckerberg’s Facebook is not biased nor pushing a political agenda, read how he’s interfering in the 2018 election by cutting off a vet’s income.

Mark Zuckerberg must need money because he just robbed a triple-amputee Iraq War vet blind.

Brian Kolfage joined the Air Force just before 3000 Americans were killed in the September 11, 2001 terror attacks that also destroyed the Twin Towers in New York City. He wanted to serve. He wanted to keep what had happened to thousands of his fellow Americans from happening again. It was his duty, he believed.

During Brian’s second tour in the Middle East, he volunteered for a dangerous mission in Iraq.

On September 11th, 2004, exactly 3 years to the day since the 9/11/01 attacks, a 107 mm rocket landed feet from Airman Kolfage. Instantly, he lost both of his legs just below the hip and his right hand.

Kolfage wasn’t expected to survive, let alone walk again, but he did.

After almost a year recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Kolfage walked out of the facility.

Airman Kolfage continued overcoming the odds by going back to work for the Air Force as a base security manager. He also served on Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford’s Veterans Advisory Committee. Brian went on to enroll at the University of Arizona’s School of Architecture. He learned to draw with his left hand as his dominant right was gone. Kolfage graduated from university and was also awarded the prestigious Pat Tillman Scholar award.

In 2014 Brian was bestowed the George C. Lang Award for Courage, for his fearlessness and also his selfless actions taking care of other wounded veterans.

Even with all of that, Kolfage wasn’t done. He became interested in news publishing and began managing pages on Facebook for news websites. He also co-founded a coffee company, Military Grade Coffee, which donates 10% of all profits back to veteran organizations.

You might not have known it, but Airman Kolfage ran the Right Wing News Facebook page and had been involved with the brand for several years among starting others. That is, until a few days ago when Facebook decided they didn’t agree with Brian’s conservative views. The page had 3.6 million fans, and Brian was a major factor behind its new growth and revitalization.

Over the years, Kolfage invested $315,000 to grow brands on Facebook. Facebook requested admins of pages to invest tons of money to grow and reach larger audiences for the brands he managed. Zuckerberg had no problem taking Brian’s money. But now Zuckerberg & Facebook decided they couldn’t allow the popular conservative page to get in the way of the 2018 midterm elections after it became a pivotal part of President Trumps 2016 upset to Hillary Clinton. Facebook headed up by Zuckerberg used a well-planned opportunity to take out actual bad pages and lumped in Airman Kolfage’s conservative network.

They robbed him blind, they did him dirty. They took $315,000 from his company rolled it up and laughed at his sacrifice. This was purely political, they attacked him personally. But Facebook made one fatal flaw, they underestimated the power of a triple amputee veteran. The underestimated the huge PR mess they are about to be slapped with when Trump has Airman Kolfage in his Oval Office in front of the media, they underestimated the willpower of a veteran who lost so much.

Airman Kolfage wrote that because of Facebook’s actions:

“My income as a father and husband is threatened.

This isn’t the right to free speech I gave my legs and arm to defend. Three limbs wasn’t enough for some … now my livelihood is gone with it.

It is true: I have been managing the Right Wing News Facebook page, and have been involved with the brand for many years.

And just today, Facebook took down our Facebook page, cutting off all contact we had with the millions of people who signed up to follow us, the millions of people who liked what we were sharing online.

I took over managing the page when John Hawkins decided to step aside to pursue other endeavors. John and I have a great relationship and I was honored to have the torch passed down to me. We had a coveted, verified blue check mark 3.5 Million fans, and I invested over $300,000 in ads at Facebook’s own request, nearly begging us to spend spend spend just to reach our fans … whom they kept making more difficult to reach with every passing year.

Never once did Facebook come to us to say there was any issue with Right Wing News or our other pages. Never. But they sure loved taking our money.

We did run multiple Facebook pages; Facebook allows businesses to have more than one page, and we did own them and had them for years. We were not “spamming,” we were not using fake accounts, we were not doing anything “wrong” … except we supported President Trump, and apparently that’s not allowed.

Facebook also deleted my other business page. I own a coffee company called Military Grade Coffee company. We don’t post politics, we sell coffee and support veteran charities. Facebook is maliciously attacking my way of life because of my beliefs, and they don’t care.

What Facebook has done is illegal. It’s a malicious coordinated attacked on everything I fought for and everything generations of Americans fought for. And this is exactly why a Facebook Engineer making 6 figures a year walked out and quit his job today, over the assault on conservative beliefs within his former company.

The New York Times even stated that Facebook made this calculated move to silence thousands of voices (and millions of forwarded messages) because of the upcoming midterm elections.”

I’ve known Brian for years and had the pleasure of working with him on several projects.

As the editor of Right Wing News, I saw how hard he worked to manage the Facebook page, and to ensure it grew in popularity. He is a tireless worker, and extremely proud of what he has accomplished for others on social media. And now Zuckerberg & his company, Facebook, have robbed him of it & his investments. I mean, they even took down his coffee company page. That’s some serious hatred for the man right there. Facebook is literally stripping him of his means to provide for his family. Didn’t he give enough for his country, not to mention, to Facebook? He overcame odds most in this world will never experience, only to be ripped off by Zuckerberg????

That’s a GD shame.


Follow Brian on his personal verified page for updates on what happens next.

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It’s not enough to lie about your origins.


Not for Elizabeth Warren.

She lied about where she got recipes for her book, “PowWow Chow.”

Imagine the gall it takes to even publish something like that…..and then steal the recipes from other places and not credit them.

A commenter noted that if you lie about such small things (like recipes) what lie would you NOT tell?

Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren is yet again in hot water after new allegations have surfaced that she plagiarized her ‘Cherokee’ recipes in the book Pow Wow Chow from the New York Times and other publications.

Radio talk show host Howie Carr released damning evidence that appears to confirm that Mrs Warren’s weren’t handed down from generation to generation, they were picked up in the newspaper.

Mrs Warren has been under scrutiny since she first claimed Native American heritage, arguing that because her great-great-great-grandmother was Cherokee, she is a member of the community.

The 1984 cookbook Pow Wow Chow was edited by Mrs Warren’s cousin Candy Rowsey and is billed as a collection of recipes from the Five Civilized Tribes.

Mrs Warren’s recipes are featured alongside her mother’s directions for sugar cake and her two children’s recipe for peach cobbler.

Mrs Warren’s recipes include herbed tomatoes and a crab with tomato mayonnaise dressing, among other dishes.

But it appears that at least three of the five recipes featured in the book were fakes, according to an investigation by Mr Carr.

The two recipes for Crab with Tomato Mayonnaise Dressing and Cold Omelets with Crab Meat appear to be word for word copies of a French chef’s design.

‘When I was chef at Le Pavilion it enjoyed a considerable esteem in America, and the owner, Henri Soule, had one particular specialty that he would ask to have prepared for his pet customers. The dish was a great favorite of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and Cole Porter,’ wrote chef Pierre Franey in an article syndicated by the New York Times News Service on August 22, 1979.

Mrs Warren lists 10 ingredients for the cold omelet, while Mr Franey lists only four, but the preparation of the omelet is nearly identical, with both detailing the use of a ‘seven-inch Teflon pan.’

‘Heat about one-half teaspoon butter in the pan. Add about one-third cup of the egg mixture. Let cook until firm and lightly brown on the bottom, stirring quickly with a fork until the omelet starts to set. When set slip a large pancake turner under the omelet starts to set. When set, slip a large pancake turner under the omelet and turn it quickly to the other side. Let cook about five seconds. Remember, you want to produce a flat omelet, not a typical folded omelet. Turn the omelets out flat onto a sheet of was paper. Continue making omelets until all the egg mixture is used,’ Mrs Warren wrote.

The only difference in the recipes is that Mr Franey said the egg mixture should be ‘lightly browned.’

A third recipe for Herbed Tomatoes appears to be lifted directly from a recipe in a 1959 Better Homes and Gardens magazine, down to Mrs Warren’s instructions for how to enjoy the dish.

‘Great accompaniment to plain meat and potatoes meal!’ both Mrs Warren and the Better Homes author say.

Since entering the race for the senate, numerous investigations have centered around her heritage.

In the 1990s, when Harvard Law came under fire for having a poor diversity-hiring record and a faculty dominated by white male professors, the school widely publicized Mrs Warren’s alleged Native American roots.

In 1996, school paper the Harvard Crimson quoted a Harvard Law spokesperson saying that ‘of 71 current Law School professors and assistant professors, 11 are women, five are black, one is Native American and one is Hispanic.’

But just last week, Breitbart.com claimed Mrs Warren’s ancestor Jonathan Crawford was a member of the Tennessee Militia who rounded up Cherokees from their family homes as part of the Trail of Tears – a stark contrast to Mrs Warren’s claims.

Mrs Warren’s camp has not responded to any of the allegations that she has been inflating her ancestry for the benefit of her career.

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Whoopi Goldberg claims actresses had sex with ugly men to advance in Hollywood.

She spoke a truth. Her truth.

The rest of the story is that she’s jealous.


Because she’s so ugly not even the ugly men would fuck her so she had to make money by appearing on Star Trek.

That’s my truth and don’t anyone say I am a liar.

Whoopi Goldberg claimed Saturday that women in Hollywood used sex with “ugly-ass” men to forward their showbiz careers, and emphasized the importance of “[teaching] young women better.” She also accused American white men of “coming after” women.

At a recent live show in Leeds, U.K., Goldberg touched upon the issues surrounding the #MeToo movement, according to RadarOnline.

“Now there’s some things my mother always said to me that I knew were true,” Goldberg explained in a profanity-laden monologue.

“It’s like, if some guy said to me we’re gonna have a meeting up in my hotel room… you don’t f***ing go — you don’t go. And if you do, cop to it. Say, ‘That’s right, I went up there and had sex with that ugly-ass man so I could get an Oscar and a Tony,’” Goldberg continued.

“Am I talking about myself?” she asked rhetorically. “No. We have to teach young women better.”

Goldberg then attacked American white men, saying, “Apparently American white men are angry … ’cause they’re top of the food chain, they can get anything they f***ing want but it’s not enough — so they’re coming after women.”

“Women are saying, ‘Are you kidding me?’ You can’t put this genie back in the bottle’. Women are not taking any bulls**t.”

Goldberg’s comments are the latest in a string of recent statements she has made on sexual topics. Last week, she admitted to the possibility of having made inappropriate sexual comments to actor Neil Patrick Harris when he was a young teenager. The week before that, she drew the ire of Donald Trump, Jr., when she implied that his young sons might have “tendencies” toward sexual assault.

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Judge tosses Stormy Daniels lawsuit.

Orders her to pay Trump lawyers’ costs.

On Monday, a federal district court judge in California ruled to dismiss Stormy Daniels‘ defamation lawsuit against President Donald Trump, and ordered the adult film star to pay his legal fees.

U.S. District Judge S. James Otero dismissed the case on the grounds that the tweet was “rhetorical hyperbole” rather than defamation and Daniels claimed.

Trump lawyer Charles Harder released a statement noting that with the lawsuit’s dismissal, the president is entitled to compensation for his legal fees.

“No amount of spin or commentary by Stormy Daniels or her lawyer, Mr. Avenatti, can truthfully characterize today’s ruling in any way other than total victory for President Trump and total defeat for Stormy Daniels,” Harder said.

Michael Avenatti, Daniels’ legal representative, referred the the judge’s ruling as “limited” and said that his client’s other claims against Trump and his former lawyer Michael Cohen will “proceed unaffected”:

Re Judge’s limited ruling: Daniels’ other claims against Trump and Cohen proceed unaffected. Trump’s contrary claims are as deceptive as his claims about the inauguration attendance.

We will appeal the dismissal of the defamation cause of action and are confident in a reversal.

— Michael Avenatti (@MichaelAvenatti) October 15, 2018

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