God Bless Trump and the USA

A bit over three years old, but just as great today!

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Five Stories the MSM Colluded with One Another to Hide

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ISIS ‘mufti’ weighing 560 lbs captured by Iraqi SWAT

Seems the butcher of Baghdad needs a butcher himself. Weighing in at 560lbs, the Iraqi SWAT team had to get a pickup truck to haul his ass away.

ISIS Mufti Shifa al-Nima has been arrested. He was one of the main figures to order the butchering, executions, enslavement, rape, kidnapping and sale of non-Muslims who opposed ISIS. He couldn’t fit in a police car, so they carried him in the back of a truck.

Shifa al-Nima was nabbed by the SWAT regiment of the Nineveh police command in Mosul district in northern Iraq. “He is considered one of the foremost leaders of ISIS and was responsible for issuing fatwas that led to the murder of scholars and clerics,” Iraqi police said.

Reaction on Twatter was humorous to say the least:

Along with multiple references to Jabba the Hut was this gem:

Best Nickname?
29% – Al Big Daddy
15% – Osama Bin Slidin
6% – UGotta Luv Youssef
50% – Fattiman Di Abeetes

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Meet Dalia Al Aqidi

She’s running against several time felon Ilhan Omar Nur (D-Tehran).

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Mittens Approval Is Plunging

Mittens’ popularity is falling like a rock. Sure, the majority of Utah’s voters still support him, but in the last quarter his popularity has dropped dramatically. Unfortunately, we’re stuck with this creepy asshole, but I imagine when it’s time for re-election, the people of Utah may have something to say about letting him run again. We can only hope. Maybe Woody has some insight about what the Utahans he knows think of the guy.

The folks back home in Utah may be having buyer’s remorse over electing Mitt Romney to the U.S. Senate where he quickly showed that his loyalties are with the other party. The friends I have in Utah are split on the guy, which is pretty much what these polls show.

The failed GOP presidential candidate and leader of the Never Trump cabal has made it clear that he intends to side with Democrats during the trial phase of the impeachment sham and will do everything in his power to undermine President Trump.

While Romney’s star has never shined more brightly with the so-called resistance, his ratings are plummeting in the heavily conservative state that he is supposed to represent.

Ever since Romney joined with Democrats, he lost twelve points in his approval ratings and although he still is well above 50 percent – likely due to the state’s large Mormon population – at this rate, it is only a matter of time until he’ll be upside down.

Romney aka Pierre Delecto is one of the nominal Republicans who is itching to get disgruntled former national security adviser John Bolton to testify as a witness, giving a man who was fired by Trump a chance to exact his revenge.

The numbers are the result of a Morning Consult poll.

Via The Salt Lake Tribune, “Republican support of Mitt Romney falls, poll shows”:

Sen. Mitt Romney’s approval among Republicans and independents appears to be slipping as he heads into the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, where the Utah Republican is breaking with the president and GOP leaders by calling for at least one witness, former National Security Adviser John Bolton, to testify.

Romney, though, appears to be gaining traction with Democrats who are giving him better marks.

A Morning Consult poll shows an 18 percent drop of Romney’s approval rating among Republicans in the last four months of 2019 as compared to the quarter before that. And 9% of independents swung to disapproving of Romney quarter over quarter, the poll found.

A majority of Utah Republicans still back Romney — 57% in the last four months of 2019 — but that’s down from 65% the prior quarter.

Romney, a freshman, got a bump with Democrats late last year, with 46% of them approving of him in the fourth quarter compared to 42% the months before.

Mitt, who blew a winnable presidential election in 2012 and handed four more years to Barack Obama is hugely unpopular nationally according to a poll that was taken in November.

Following his pasting by Obama when Romney choked like a dog, he laid low for awhile only to reemerge as the leader of the Never Trump GOP resistance in 2016.

The former governor of ultra-liberal Massachusetts lacked the stones to actually get into the race with the sixteen other Republicans who were vying for the nomination but in his typical spineless fashion, sniped at Trump from the sidelines and worked to encourage challengers who would have swung the election to Hillary Clinton.

Not content to just enjoy his vast wealth and retire out of the public spotlight, Romney launched his Senate bid and moved to a state where he didn’t even live at the time where he bamboozled voters.

Now those voters are realizing that perhaps Mr. Delecto wasn’t the best choice to send to Washington where he immediately took up with the Democrats and will lead the saboteurs against President Trump for as long as he is in the White House.

Unfortunately, this case of buyer’s remorse is too little too late because unless he leaves his Senate seat to run for the GOP nomination next year, they’re stuck with their bad decision for the next five years until Mitt’s term expires.

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